Trio galaxies mixture

31 Jan

galacticAlthough they are the largest of the scattered objects in the universe, they can be seen only at night.

The Hubble Space Telescope photographed a lot of pairs of colliding galaxies. They are like snowflakes – no two are completely alike. This is one of the most amazing of galaxies with blurry images to date.

At first glance, it looks as though a small galaxy hit the center of tug of war between sumo wrestler pairs of elliptical galaxies.

These galaxies are distorted by much more than once we saw our Milky Way, displaying a spiral galaxy.

Now that these galaxies were in outer blender, they apparently slashed dust streams and are visible in a telescope as a stretched and twisted by the tug of gravity.

In contrast, elliptical galaxies, spiral-rich dust and gas that are used in the reproduction and formation of new stars.

The fate of spiral galaxies be involved in reproduction, and then be swallowed by a pair of elliptical galaxies, which will cause a storm of new star-shaped creatures.

If there are astronomers on any planet in this galaxy group, they will have the opportunity to observe at close range for the squall of the birth of new stars. Watching a unique process that occurs over millions of years.

After all, elliptical galaxies are gradually merge, creating one super-galaxy many times more than our galaxy and the Milky Way.

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