Theory of the Bermuda Triangle

06 Jan

Supporters of the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle launched dozens of different theories to explain the mysterious phenomena, which, in their opinion, taking place there. These theories include the assumption of abduction by aliens from outer space ships or inhabitants of Atlantis, moving through the hole in time, or faults in space and other paranormal causes. Other authors try to give a scientific explanation for these phenomena.

Their opponents argue that the reports of mysterious events in the Bermuda Triangle are greatly exaggerated. Ships, aircraft and killed in other parts of the globe, sometimes without a trace. Faulty radio or the suddenness of the disaster can prevent the crew to transmit a distress signal.
Search the wreckage in the sea – not an easy task, especially in a storm, or when the crash is unknown. If we consider a very brisk movement in the Bermuda Triangle, frequent cyclones and storms, a large number of shoals, the number of accidents have happened here, who never got an explanation, is not unusually large.


Proposed several theories to explain the sudden loss of ships and aircraft gas emissions – for example, the dissolution of methane hydrate on the seabed. According to one of these theories, the water formed large bubbles saturated with methane, in which the density is lowered so that the ships can not swim and drowned immediately. Some have suggested that getting up in the air, methane can cause the crash of the aircraft – for example, due to lower air density, which reduces lift and distort the altimeter. In addition, methane in the air can cause the engine stops.

Experimentally was indeed confirmed the possibility of fairly rapid (within tens of seconds), flooding the ship caught on the boundary of such a release of gas.

Wandering Wave

There are suggestions that the death of some courts, including in the Bermuda Triangle may be the so-called. wandering waves, which may be considered to reach a height of 30 m.


It is assumed that under certain conditions at sea may be generated infrasound, which has an impact on members of the crew, causing panic, as a result of which they leave the ship.

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