The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda ,TriangleU.S. Congress passed a resolution for the number 420-2. This document Americans paid tribute to the 27 nautical pilots managers FT-19, who disappeared 60 years ago, did not return from a training flight over the area, later dubbed the “Bermuda Triangle”. Following the Congress, NBC television reported on the upcoming on November 27 premiere of new documentary about the ill-fated link.

The initiator of the resolution was made by the Democratic Congressman from Florida, Clay Shaw. In an interview with Chicago Chronicle Shaw explained his position: “We do not want to be led by lovers of all sorts of sensations, consider Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious and unusual. But personally, I will insist on continuing the investigation of this tragedy.
Least to inform the crew about the fate of their relatives. Perhaps there really happened is something extraordinary, which led experienced pilots to take the actions that led to disaster. Someday we’ll reveal the secret and put it on the shelf. ”

Four “avenger”

Actually, the notorious Bermuda Triangle – the world’s oceans, bounded by lines connecting the tip of the peninsula of Florida (Key West), the northern part of Puerto Rico and the larger of Bermuda – and just began with the ill-fated flight. Before the legend of the triangle lived only in the form of folklore of the local fishermen but the captains of small vessels, which are in abundance plow this bustling shipping area.

The area of the Bermuda Triangle considered a hazard to navigation in the days of Spanish rule in Central and South America. The Spanish Galleon, were taken from colonies of silver and gold, gathered in Havana, and then sent across the ocean to Spain. It was estimated that on the seabed within the Bermuda Triangle is located approximately 1200 Spanish ships. They failed, during the summer hurricanes and winter storms, flew to the reefs and sand shoals, they were drowned by pirates.

Later the triangle of water scoured the British, French and Dutch ships, and again at the bottom of the sea leaving dozens of new ships. So this area of the Atlantic has always been notorious, but nevertheless there is no historical document that would speak of him as the enigmatic, although full of superstitions of past centuries, for that there would be a lot more space than at present.

The incident itself, which was awarded a special resolution of Congress, there was a day of Dec. 5, 1945, when a U.S. Navy airfield Fort Lauderdale up five torpedo-bombers, Grumman TBM-1 Avenger patrol level FT-19 with an instructor’s command of the flight training of First Lieutenant Charles Taylor. The purpose of the mission – work group sletannosti and maintenance of flight skills of crews, flight duration – three hours.

Four “Avenger” ( “the avenger”) moved in with the regular flight crew: pilot, navigator, bombardier and gunner-radio operator. At the instructor machine gunner Taylor was absent. The tragedy happened on the way back: commander of the dispatcher transferred to Key West radioed: “We have a contingency situation, obviously, we have strayed off course.”

Last post by Taylor, obtained 40 minutes later, testified that the commander decided to pull the shore to the full development of the fuel. Most of these people never seen again. A few hours later to find a link flew three maritime patrol bomber Martin PBM-1 Mariner.

These flying boats equipped with radar capable of land on water and take off even if the wave force 3-4,5 points, could not have been better suited for search and rescue – fuel allowed them to stay aloft for up to 48 hours. One of the aircraft rescue and disappeared, taking with him the secret of the death of 13 crew members.

“Million Million”

Soon the disappearance of a management found out that the reporters of local newspapers, and the story received wide publicity. America was in a state of shock. It’s no joke – 4 months after the war killed five combat aircraft with experienced crews who have been hell air battles over the Pacific Ocean. And what planes: “Avenger” ( “the avenger”) – the main deck torpedo the U.S. Navy, the terror of the Japanese fleet – has been for Americans, the same symbol of victory, which for us is the legendary attack IL-2.

Reliable aircraft (there were instances when the Avengers came to an aircraft carrier in the literal sense of “one wing”), equipped with modern navigation equipment, lost in a simple weather when visibility is said to aviators, “a million to one million, and where!

Almost in the “interior pool, an area over which the years of war, thousands of U.S. aircraft have made tens of thousands of sorties in search of German and Japanese submarines, trying to watch for the Allied transports on the way from Florida to the Panama Canal.

Hype and added that large-scale search for the 250 thousand square meters. miles of water area, undertaken by hundreds of ships and aircraft, have not presented any physical evidence of the disaster. Immediately remembered and ancient legends about ships, abandoned by crews, and tales of the islanders, who “have long known that there are bad places.” At the same time, and recalled the recent case: two months before under suspicious circumstances on approach to Key West crashed passenger jet Lancastrien British airline BOAC, a flight from Barbados.

Piloted the four-engined, demilitarized heavy bomber, experienced military crew. Managers in Florida heard in their headphones, only a few phrases of panic, after which the plane disappeared from radar screens. Although the remnants of liferafts washed ashore some time later, 23 passengers and four pilots are still missing. However, soon enough, these stories have been forgotten. Until the time.

This explosion occurred in 1974 after the book uncrowned king of the experts the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, Charles Berlitz Ā«The Bermuda TriangleĀ». Bestseller was immediately reprinted in other publishing houses, and each of them had several times print run. By the most conservative estimates, copies of the book Berlitz has reached almost 20 million copies (in a cheap pocket design).

So Bermuda Triangle has become the property of very wide readership, including the Soviet – in 1978, Berlitz translation came out in the Moscow publishing house “Mir”. Supporters of Berlitz and his followers are constantly looking for new study “mystical”, “mystery” and “mystery” of this place. But things really? This is evidenced by an impartial statistics.

In the literature about the Bermuda triangle, described in detail 50 cases of disappearances of ships and aircraft. In some works vaguely described another 40 or 50 cases. In sum, therefore, would be about 100. Is it much or too little? We should not forget that so much piled up over the past 100 years, ie an average of one case in the year. This, of course, very little for the region which has the dense network of air and sea transport lines, and which, moreover, a favorite place of yachtsmen and lovers of sport fishing.

Tropical cyclones in the summer and winter storms are a good test even for experienced captains of large ships, what to talk about yachts and small fishing boats and private planes Worlds? By the way, since over the area began to fly modern jet airliners, major disasters with passenger aircraft in the Triangle has not happened – the last of his “victim” was a heavy C-119 transport worker, disappeared in 1965!

However, the mystery of death-level FT-19 continues to agitate the minds. On Friday evening, the largest U.S. broadcasting company NBC reported that last summer at his own expense, she sent the expedition to the area of death torpedo. Premiere of her film is scheduled for November 27. They say producers documentary, the expedition raised more questions than gave answers.

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