Suspicious asteroid passed Earth

16 Jan

Asteroid 2010 AL30 was discovered Jan. 10 with the telescopes at the experimental site of Lincoln Laboratory (USA, New Mexico).
Asteroid 2010 AL30, finding that two days ago caused a stir among astronomers because of its unusual orbit, successfully passed the Earth, razminuvshis with her at a distance of 130 thousand kilometers.

Attracted the attention of scientists that it moves in an orbit nearly coincides with the orbit of the Earth. As a result, scientists have hypothesized that this may not be a natural celestial body, and “forgotten” spacecraft.

According to the calculations, as found at the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union on Monday night, an asteroid on Wednesday, around 12:48 GMT (14:48 on Kiev), was closer to Earth at a minimum distance – 128 thousand kilometers, roughly three times closer to the moon.

According to Russia’s astronomers, calculations were not completely accurate: the asteroid close to Earth at the shortest distance on Wednesday morning – at 8:45. At the time of convergence for the asteroid watched one of the radars NASA, designed for tracking space objects – Goldstone radar. According to preliminary data, the hypothesis that artificial origin 2010 AL30 is not confirmed.

“Period is the period of revolution of the Earth around the Sun. Strange orbit, at first thought it was an artificial object, some kind of acceleration stage, but this was not confirmed, because the 15-meter object – this is unlikely,” – said Russia’s astronomer Leonid Yelenin . He added that now is processing the echo signal obtained by Goldstone. As a result of it can be more accurately judge the shape of the object, and thus to understand its nature.

Discovery 2010 AL30 again sparked debate about the fact that existing funds tracking asteroids and comets is not enough to protect Earth from possible collisions.

Previously, scientists had predicted that in 2036 a possible collision with asteroid 2004 MN4, now known as Apophis, which will lead to the transformation of the wilderness area about equal to France. In connection with this leadership Roskosmos in the near future to discuss a project to prevent an asteroid headed for Earth.

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