Oceans threatens the oxidation

07 Jan

OceanThe Marine Laboratory of the British city of Plymouth said that development is difficult to predict, but expresses concern for the fate of many species.

Carbon dioxide emissions from human activities lead to the oxidation of the oceans and threaten massive destruction of marine flora and fauna.
According to researchers, since the industrial revolution carbon dioxide emissions have led to a 30% increase the acidity of ocean water. Such acidity in the ocean was at least 500 thousand years.

In this century, the problem only becomes worse with increasing greenhouse gases.

In an interview with BBC BBC Carol Turley suggested that many marine species are under threat of destruction, because such large-scale changes in the oceans does not happen with the era of dinosaurs.

In the course taking place in Copenhagen International Congress on Climate Change, Carol Turley preside at the session, discussing the oxidation of the ocean.

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