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02 Jan

Located in Paphos organization which investigates paranormal phenomena, defying the American author Robert Sarmastu, who claims that Cyprus – is part of the lost Atlantis. John Knowles, who along with his wife, Linda LeBlanc heads an organization “Psihognosiya, recently on the channel Paphos TV joined the debate c Mr. Sarmastom, author of The Discovery of Atlantis” and questioned his claim that Cyprus is a part of Atlantis, which was based on history and the writings of Plato.

During the debate, Ms. LeBlanc said she had the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the ability, according to her, one of the most talented people in the world, able to see at a distance, the former “spy-medium,” U.S. military forces Joseph Makmonagla.

It is known that the armies of the United States and Russia for several years very seriously investigated the possibility of extrasensory perception (ESP) to obtain military information. This was given the name of remote monitoring. Mr. Makmonagl written four books about his work with the Department of Defense. After retirement, he founded the company, which provides remote monitoring for individuals and companies.

Ms. LeBlanc said that by using only the coordinates on the map submitted by Mr. Sarmastom Joseph Makmonagl said that he was in this place before Mr. Sarmast hold an underwater expedition. Joseph Makmonagla asked to describe what he sees in a radius of two miles from the coordinates of 10 000 years ago and now. She assured that Mr. Makmonagl did not know the map coordinates, he received in a sealed envelope. Nowhere is mention of the word “Atlantis” or “Cyprus” was not. Among these were the words in the report, which was presented by Mr. Makmonagl. In his report, Mr. Makmonagl wrote that he saw that 10 000 years ago there was an elongated island, which stretches roughly from the north-east to south-west length is about 235 km and a width of 65-75 km (at the widest point) . At both ends of the island were two mountains of medium height.

According to him, the island was ruling the city with a system of buildings, similar to the house with apartments or group homes, connected to the streets on their way from the city center, situated at the foot of the mountain. “The city is full, but there was a well-organized. The city has many canals and rivers, as well as a large number of hanging gardens, also filled with water. There are many gardens, where there are fruit-bearing trees, a lot of greenery and colorful flowering plants of various species. I feel that the air here is filled with many flavors “- the report says Mr. Makmonagla.

He said he also saw art everywhere: statues, decorations on buildings, mosaics, paintings, decorative works of stone, wood carvings and more. “I do not feel that violence is flourishing. I do not feel that there is a lot of troops, or there is a need of protection. On the other hand, I feel that everything here is subject to the accuracy, purity, grace, “- wrote Mr. Makmonagl in his report.

Former spy-medium “announced that the air temperature was 24-27 ° C, the climate characterized by mild, slightly humid and weak south-easterly winds. City and the island was surrounded by something like a great many lakes, which stretched as far as the eye could see. “This is a country of water wonderland. This world of water. I see the ships and boats of various types and sizes. That people – sailors. This is a very rich nation, both in culture and in terms of trade. Their court fine, but at the same time very strong, capable of crossing the ocean “, – says Mr. Makmonagl. In describing the inhabitants of the island, Mr. Makmonagl wrote in a report that they looked like modern humans, an increase of approximately 150 – 175 cm for men and women, mostly, were soft brown hair, green or hazel eyes. Some had blue eyes, but it was a rarity. The island’s inhabitants spoke a language similar to the Sumerian, but apparently, the earlier period. Writing looks older than Sumerian. “This is a smooth cursive, which I had never seen. No vowels, however, they are assumed. Their mathematics quite similar to ours, except that zero is excluded “, – the report says.

According to Mr. Makmonagla, the islanders were able to carry out complex surgery, but preferred to use natural healing methods. The natural life expectancy, he said, amounted to approximately 100 for both sexes. Normal size of the family – four people. Monotheistic religion. From five to nine years, children were enrolled in the churches or schools, and then trained the chosen skill. When asked about what he sees now in the same place, Mr. Makmonagl said that now there is nothing, just water, stretching as far as the eye. And under the water, Mr. Makmonagl saw the ruins of the under layers of sand and silt, but this is not the remnants of the mountain that collapsed along with much of the island during crustal uplift, which occurred during the Great Flood. Mr. Makmonagl classified the ancient city as the city pre-Sumerian period, that is about 3 500 BC

Mr. Knowles told reporters of the newspaper Cyprus Mail, which is very likely that Mr. Sarmast actually find the ancient city. But he worries that the city was found to be extradited for Atlantis, while the similarity is very weak

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