Mysterious World: Modern Ireland – is the legendary Atlantis?

02 Jan

Modern Ireland – is the legendary sunken Atlantis. With such a hypothesis was made by a Swedish scientist-geographer Ulf Erlingsson.

As in 360 BC. e. wrote the Greek philosopher Plato, Atlantis was a huge island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where about 11.5 thousand years ago has blossomed oldest civilization on Earth. But then some kind of universal scale disaster plunged the island into an abyss of waters, and he disappeared forever.

Disputes about the fate of Atlantis and its possible location being not the first millennium. Ulf Erlingsson, contrary to the Greek classics, believes that all the descriptions of Plato – the size, location, and even landscapes lost Atlantis – indicate that the Greek philosopher, tells the story of Ireland, reported Reuters.

“I wonder why nobody thought of it before me, – said the scientist. – Ireland, as described by Plato, Atlantis, is about 480 km in length and 320 – in breadth, in the center of the island – a vast plain surrounded by mountains.

“I examined the geographical indicators 50 largest islands in the world, – says Ulf Erlingsson, and there is only one of which is located in the center of the valley – this is Ireland”

As for the legend that Atlantis sank, the scientist believes that she was born after severe floods, which occurred in 6100 BC Then, in the north-east of Britain was submerged sandbank Dogger, and her fate, which is preserved in the memory of generations, and became the basis of the myth about the sinking of Atlantis

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