Most well-known TOP-10 scientific falsehoods

i. 1 seat is a famous scientist and psychologist Sigmund Freud – proved that his theories were based on observation of only one patient.

ii. 2 place: professor of veterinary sciences Seoul National University’s Woo Suk Hwang deliberately falsified the results of experiments on cloning human stem cells. Instead, the scientist smodifitsiroval normal somatic cells, for which he was later accused of scientific fraud.

iii. 3 places went to “discovery” of the German paleontologist Rainer von Ports Enter. Discovered the bones of the skeleton of a man who could become a link between Neanderthals and modern humans, scientist artificially old and pass them off as a scientific sensation. As argued Enter the bones belonged to a man who lived 36 thousand years ago, but detailed examination of bones found in the age of 7, 6 thousand years.

iv. 4. Studies of paleontology and archeology can provide a huge number of scientific fabrications. History George Psalmanazara was on the 4 th place ranking. After his arrival in England in 1704 traveler described how the inhabitants of the island was captured by Formosa – present o.Tayvan. As it turned out later, culture, language, religion and calendar of the islanders were totally fictitious.

v. 5 was replaced by a French scientist Louis Pasteur for having betrayed created bacteriologist Charles Shamberlenom vaccine for his invention.

vi. 6 The founder of the ideas about genes and heredity, Mendel had manipulated the results of research. 6 places in our ranking scholar received for all the experiments stopped exactly at the point when they received the desired results.

vii. 7 th place: even recognized geniuses engaged in counterfeiting. There is evidence that most of Newton’s theory – absolute fiction.

viii. 8 spot-absolutely untenable theory of nuclear engineers Ruiz Taleyyarhana the possibility of nuclear fusion reaction under the effect of sonic shock waves.

ix. 9 place went to the director of Berlin Institute of Social Medicine – Stefan Willich who manipulated the data of studies which he conducted to demonstrate the influence of strong noise on the heart.

x. 10 took Norwegian oncologist Jon Sudbo, who fabricated over a thousand stories of cancer diseases, to justify their research on the effectiveness of their anti-inflammatory medication, which he promoted in pharmaceuticals.

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