Microbiologists have found out who started the evolution

Microbiologists from the University of California believe that life on earth in the form as it exists now, would not occur if the world did not appear the two ancient primitive single-celled organism, known as prokaryotes.

Now to the domains of prokaryotes are bacteria and archaea. The genetic material of prokaryotes represented by a single DNA molecule in a closed ring, there is only one replicon. In cells lacking organelles with the membrane structure.

Biologist James Lake of the Center for Astrophysics and Biology, University of California at Los Angeles compared the different types of proteins found in the body, and existing for today more than 3000 prokaryotic two previously unknown prokaryotes, appeared more than 2.5 billion years ago. Then it was very simple non-nuclear organisms, which are synthesized and made progress in organic development.

“This endosimbioz or, in other words, the fusion of two cells, to instigate a process of evolution in a stable form that eventually led to the emergence of the first successful organisms that could be used for its life energy produced by photosynthesis,” – said Lake.

According to him, further processes of development have led to the fact that photosynthetic organisms have led to the world’s oxygen sufficient to initiate oxidation of global volume. Here, he says, has pushed the evolution of the Earth’s atmosphere, full of oxygen. Oxygen will create a fairly complex life forms that consume this gas for the oxidation processes in their cell systems.

“Higher life forms are unlikely to have emerged without this simple event. Our studies show that prokaryotes have been extremely important for evolution. When the first merger of prokaryotes, in Earth’s atmosphere has no oxygen, the people here could not live, in general, almost none of the existing organisms does not appear to, “- said the scientist.

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