Large Hadron Collider before the birth of “God particle”

30 Jan

LHCApparently – geniuses of science are preparing for the new record.
It is expected that after the launch of the accelerator at 15-16 days of February the total energy of particle collisions in it will be increased almost three times! – From 2,36 teraelectronvolt to 7 teraelectronvolt.

In dekabrt 2009 Physics CERN successfully set a world record in the experiments at the huge accelerator in history – it passed the first beams of protons at the collision energy of 2.36 teraelectronvolt.

Collision energy in the largest to date, the collider – the Tevatron accelerator at Fermi lab name (USA) – does not exceed 1,8 teraelectronvolt, beams of protons and antiprotons in it were dispersed to the energy of 900 GeV each.

Christmas holidays were necessary pundits in order to prepare for the new record – in clashes in the total energy of 7 teraelectronvolt.

Previously, scientists are geniuses claimed that this energy will enable them to gain new physics – really the latest information on the structure of matter, in particular, it is possible the birth of the Higgs boson – a hypothetical particle responsible for the mass of other elementary particles, otherwise known as “the God particle.”

“To achieve this, you need to bring the current strength in the collider magnets to 6 kA,” – says the article in the CERN Bulletin.

To this end, CERN’s experts are working on improving the reliability of electrical connections between the power of magnets and a new security system nQPS (new quench protection system), which protects the superconducting magnets from accidents such as the one that led Collider out of action in the autumn of 2008.

Results for each of the eight sectors of the collider has about 500 such compounds. Need to increase their reliability, so that on them could miss a lot of current.

In addition to inspect the technical condition of other systems, such as vacuum pumps, cooling systems, ventilation.

“Tests power supply systems has already begun in the sectors of 8.1 and 1.2, will soon begin testing sectors 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5. As expected, the first pass inspection sector 1-2, and he will be ready to work with a pencil at the end of January, “- said in a statement.

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