January 29 evening earthlings see the brightest moon

30 Jan

Maximum bright and the most enormous moon this year Earthlings can watch on Friday evening, 29 January.

For reasons that natural full moon coincided with the maximum convergence of the Moon and the Earth’s natural satellite disk will shine 30% brighter, and its diameter will be 15% more.

The orbit of the satellite – the Moon – ellipsoobraznoy, at the closest point to Earth orbit (perigee) to the natural satellite at 50 thousand miles closer than the opposite point – the apogee.
We find. Distance to natural satellite – the Moon ranges from 406 thousand kilometers to 360 thousand kilometers.

At that moment, when the shortest distance coincides with the full moon, beautiful moon-disk increases considerably in size and shines memorably vivid.
Mysticism and romance … … ….

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