Internet Archive UFO is open to all!

UFOIn Ukraine, made public a national archive of evidence on visit to Ukraine, a UFO.

Ufology Ukraine published on the Internet – directory eyewitness accounts of strange unidentified flying objects over the territory of our country.

Among the “secret” materials – about 500 items of witnesses who recorded the unknown flying objects (UFO) over the territory of Ukraine, dating back to the XVII century.

Most interesting archive was published UFO club UFO DOS.

Information project UFOBUA was laid on inetproekte For the convenience of interested people, in the directory, shared information on numerous grounds, for example – a place where there is a contact or an event, the date of contact, the shape of a UFO and a kind of contact.

According to Yaroslav Socko – ufologist and creator of the famous UFO dictionary-handbook, information about contactees gathered from a variety of primary sources.
Manifestations of heavenly civilization were interested not only simple townsfolk, but also the management of Hydrometeorology, in particular the Hydrometeorological Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the UFO organization, exobiologists ufologists and scientists proving us with an unearthly intellect and give us irrefutable proof of this fact.

“Now the public has access to a huge streak of evidence of specific UFO witnesses, access to historical contacts with UFOs and many other factual material.

Experts UFO BUA was designed user interface file, which allows you to easily show on the map “the accumulation of UFO”, to show the routes of the unknown flying objects that have different forms, or, for example, show evidence of UFO simple layman that made going to the camera of your mobile phone — Socko said.

The purpose of this colossal work of ufologists, he explained, – to draw the eye to the general public on the “UFO phenomenon.”

Because for some reason the people of Earth have formed a distorted stereotype of the UFO phenomenon ( “Little green men”, “pregnant women from strangers,” “sect contacted space”), – said the specialist.

As previously reported, in August this year the British National Archives released a new, evidence of 800 cases of UFO observation. In particular, the archive shows 14 filings of documents describing the observation of 800 cases of UFOs from 1993 to 1996, and over 4 thousand pages of material relating to 1981.

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