HIV does not cause AIDS

AIDS,HIVHIV does not lead to anything. Shocking lie that HIV – the only cause of AIDS, has been fully accepted by the scientific community and the public later.

But HIV – the virus is very weak not able to destroy the immune system. The assertion that AIDS is sexually transmitted – also a lie.

There are two types of viruses. Let’s call the first, using an aviation analogy, the “pilot”, and the other “passengers”. The pilot is able to change the nature of the cell and cause the body to the disease, which usually occurs rapidly, once the virus begins to reproduction in cells. Passengers also lives at the expense of cells exists in it, but not destroy it.

So, HIV – the virus-passenger!

How did it happen so that the virus started bringing such fear around the world? First, who proclaimed the fact that HIV causes AIDS, was an American Dr. Robert Gallo. Since then he has been accused of professional misconduct, his HIV test was called a forgery, two of the workers in his laboratory had been brought to criminal responsibility … Nevertheless, millions of people today are tested for HIV in his system, and Dr. Gallo receives royalties from each do a test.

Luc Montagnier, a French doctor, who said thirty years ago, the same Mulka about HIV, admitted in 1989 that “HIV is not capable of destroying the immune system as it occurs in patients with AIDS.” About 500 scientists from around the world supported this view. This can be read in Robert Wilner “Internet fraud. Proof that sex and HIV does not cause AIDS.

In support of his views Dr. Wilner even publicly made himself an injection of the HIV virus. Other doctors and journalists of the same opinion. Among them, Peter and John Dyuzberg Yamuyannis that published the book “AIDS: The good news – HIV does not cause AIDS, the bad news – to bring AIDS drugs and anteretrovirusnye drugs. In this long title disclosed the whole essence of the situation: people are dying of AIDS as a result of “treatment” antiretroviral drugs.

To date, formed a huge hoax mechanism of diagnosis and treatment of HIV. Winning this myth is difficult, because the medical staff and the majority of people believe in this myth. If you are tested for HIV and your results are positive, it means you have detected antibodies to HIV and does not necessarily mean that you have in the body have the virus. Because of this pressure and propaganda, many have received positive test results begin to die emotionally and mentally, and tune in to the inevitable death.

It is the fear of death makes these people to accept and even eager to claim the deadly “treatment” allegedly slowing AIDS. But the most famous anti-retroviral drugs generate organization Wellcome (Welcome), owned by (who do you think!) The Rockefellers, one of the key families headed by New World Order.

For example, AZT was developed as a drug for chemotherapy, but doctors found him too toxic to cancer patients. How zidovudine: it kills the cells – and cancer and healthy. Question in the medical community was: zidovudine could destroy cancer cells before you kill the whole organism? That the drug is now being used to “treat” HIV. What effect we get?

A such that the antiretroviral completely destroys the immune system, leading to AIDS. People die from treatment. AIDS – this is when for various reasons, none of which are not sexually transmitted, immune system stops working. The myth of sexual transmission – this is another contrivance, this time the companies that produce condoms. They have created a fear of areoles around our sexuality, its expression, and disclosure of our creative powers.

Many deaths mistakenly attributed to the AIDS

Since beginning this nonsense, millions of people dying from problems with the immune system was ascribed to death from AIDS. If you are diagnosed with HIV, it does not matter whether you die from tuberculosis or pneumonia, or from 25 other opportunistic infections, the doctors write down what you have died of AIDS. This simple manipulation can inflate the non-existent numbers, and show that HIV – the deadly virus.

So, this is a lie.

Many died from AIDS were HIV-positive, and many HIV-positive are alive and well today. And the spread of AIDS in the world did not happen with the speed that predicted. Why?

Because HIV has nothing to do with AIDS.

Anything that destroys the immune system somehow leads to AIDS and this applies especially to drugs. A huge number of homosexuals in the U.S. die of AIDS. This is contrary to the postulate that AIDS is not transmitted sexually. But at the same time homosexuals United States – one of the most involved in the drug groups. The prostitutes who use drugs are also often die from AIDS, and those who do not use drugs – do not die of AIDS.

Increase in the number of AIDS patients in the United States is directly related to drug dependence. Most of the drugs, thanks to the dedicated work of the U.S. government, including Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, is now readily available on the street. In Africa, across-the weakening of the immune system caused by the general state of health – bad food, dirty water and terrible poverty. Hemophiliacs die the same way as before the opening of the HIV virus because of problems with imunnitetom. Their immune system may start attacking itself, making a kind of suicide. HIV does not have to do with it.

But just think how many people receiving this diagnosis perceive it as a sentence, destroy their lives and are in constant fear of symptoms of AIDS? Antiretroviral therapy – this is the name of this killer. In medical practice, not a single case, when ARV therapy would pay back the symptoms of AIDS. I wonder why? Because these symptoms are due to ARV therapy. Industry AIDS brings multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical business, and it in turn controlled by the Rockefellers and other representatives of the global elite.

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