Discovered center of Maya civilization

28 Jan

MayaArchaeologists have discovered a huge sculpted head in Guatemala. This finding indicates that at present little known place in the jungle-covered region of Peten, perhaps once been a significant city.

Stucco sculpture of more than three meters wide and four meters in height over the centuries had been buried under the rubble Chilonche, near the border with Belize.

The recent discovery, which dates from the early classical period – from 300 to 600 AD, also means that the found a city much older than previously thought. Maya often built new buildings using old, as the foundation.

“The head can be a kind of god of the underworld, possibly related to the divine pantheon of Maya” – said Professor Gaspar Muñoz of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, whose archaeological party and found a sculpture.

Unlike known Maya cities in Guatemala – Tikal and El Mirador – in Chilonche almost have been no excavations. But the sculpture found in the root of the difference.

The Marauders, who hunt for artifacts for resale on the black market, dug a small tunnel, which ran into the buried sculpture. It is very similar to the other decorating solar observatory in Uaksaktune.

Peten region of Guatemala – a place where many ruins concentrated flowering period of Mayan culture, but it is mainly covered by jungle terrain suffers from robbers, poachers and smugglers transporting cocaine to Mexico.

Around this monumental sculptures have appeared a number of questions to be answered to scientists:

– Why is a person carries on his back a small figure?
– Who was captured in stone, and who is this little creature?
– Why is the figure stands at bat?
– Why is the sculptural style of the figure differs from the style, which shows a bat?
– What message should bear this sculpture? What kind of message is contained in two inscribed on it inscriptions?
– Why the sculpture was destroyed, and what its parts were then imbedded in the wall?
– Where before there was this sculpture, since it clearly could be visible from all four sides?

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