Count Dracula turns 600 years old

20 Jan

The famous Count Dracula turns 600 years old. Everyone knows that in the fifteenth century in Romania, Vlad Dracula actually existed, the history of life which was later overgrown with the most incredible legends.

The real story of bloody hero of the day told a specialist and researcher living Dracula Raluca Dimitriu. By the way, her ancestors had served the Count himself, wrote “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Dracula called a graph, then the prince, and his birthplace is Bran Castle in Romania. “The count – this is the Western European tradition of pronunciation of his title, – commented Dimitriu. – Prince (or voivod) – Romanian. So you can call it and so and so. With regard to the castle, it definitely lived here his father, then himself Vlad Dracula, after a Bishop: And here is the date of his birth – a mystery. Just recently found some old chronicle, where it is written that the future Prince Dracula was born in 1405. Previously believed that in 1425-m. In general, whatever one may say, get the anniversary year.

“Generally, in the form in which it you know, Dracula really figured out – says researcher. – Thought up the Saxons, Lutherans, to discredit his religious opponents of Wallachia. Tom had his own reasons. Let’s start with the fact that Dracula, like the Vlachs was Orthodox. you know that? Add to that his cruelty, he had overhung the Orthodox cross, and you will understand the reasons why the Germans hated him. The fact that Dracula – polished gentleman from Transylvania in a black cloak, an invention of Hollywood dreamer. sinister smile sterile teeth, soft pliable neck of the victim – it must have seemed to them very sexy. All this, incidentally, has gone from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Stoker liked to travel, hit once in Romania, where he first told the legend of Count Dracula. Heard so it shocked that he came home, wrote a novel. “hugely successful book had. Critics have been unanimous: Another Gothic scare stories. But it was what is called a delayed-action mine, which exploded when hit in the eyes of director Francis Ford Coppola. It is really to penetrate. He squeezed out of the mystical story of “red wine lover” all that is possible and no mistake. Of course, Bram Stoker Dracula does not suck blood from a finger, as a real person – Prince Vlad III, or Vlad the Impaler – actually lived in the XV century. The fashion for Dracula broke out in Europe in XVI-XVII centuries, when it began to appear on various pieces. What about it then you know? “A little.” knew that he was the ruler of Wallachia – the ancient principality in the heart of today’s Romania – and that, death fought with the Ottoman Turks. That’s all. ”

The name Dracula has its own history. That’s what this Raluca Dimitriu said: “The word” fight “means” dragon “. Father of the future of Prince Vlad II was a knight of the Order of the Dragon, whose goal was to fight the Muslims to the Orthodox faith. His well known – the Dragon Vlad or Vlad Dracul (in Romanian). Accordingly, his son – Vlad III – son named Dragon, or Vlad Dracula. But the word “fight” is translated as “devil”. There is no doubt that the second meaning of his name was more correct, because the methods of the father and son would have to be to the liking of the owner of the underworld. It is said that members of the Secret Order of possession of knowledge about the secret rituals, zameshennyh on blood, which made the human immune nor for the arrow, or for old age.

Extreme cruelty of the legendary Duke has an explanation. “His youth a future Prince Dracula spent in Turkish captivity, and sent it there own father, – says Dmitry. – In those days the orthodox principality of Wallachia was tributary of Turkey and Turkish rulers are rich in invention. To ensure a smooth reception of the tribute, they took a pledge of his sons debtors. In the case of an unexpected delay in the tribute from a wealthy scion of a minor principality prince immediately dragged to the polished coke. Number under the window only steeled the nerves of the future prince. In his tormentors, he learned of cruelty and deceit. After the death of his father’s Dracula took his throne. He stopped to pay tribute to the Turks and dealt with the nobles of the environment of the deceased father. Boyars did not want to fight, there are more regularly arranged payment of tribute. The young prince Vlad III, first listened to their advice and even to completely eliminate misinterpretations and omissions, arranged a grand feast, which invited all of his opponents. He was very charm! But in the midst of the festivities, he abruptly left the room, the servants hastily closed the door behind him on the strong locks and set fire to the room. They say, were burned alive five hundred people. Who escaped, those Prince Vlad impaled. In Romanian count sounds like “Fetter”. So the next morning at Prince Vlad Dracula, a new name – Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, Vlad is. Vlad Dracula nothing but a pathological sadism, did not suffer: nasazhivaya people to count, the prince enjoyed a view of how they bled.

The myth of the immortality of Dracula appeared accidental. “The reason for this is a specific case – explains the researcher. – Constant battles do not always end in victory. Once Dracula squad surrounded the Turks slaughter was terrible, saved only one Prince. As said, he suddenly vanished in the air and disappeared. This was the beginning of the legend. Dracula discovered that his neighbor – the Hungarian King Dan, who sheltered him only in order to put him in prison. And there occurred the most important thing. Prince was 30 years old when he was thrown into prison, and 44, when he went out. That’s when people realized that he was not a simple man. For 14 years, Dracula had not changed, remained as young as he was. And it is in those times, when men of forty looked very old. Here’s the rumor that the prince keeps company with evil force. Link to the devilry in those days was the most powerful argument when they wanted to explain the incomprehensible. Then he remembered about Dracula’s penchant for blood. This is the answer, as the legend was born of his eternal youth. ”

“Even death itself as a performance of Dracula have surrounded the unexpected end – continues Dimitriu. – After escaping from the prison of the prince wandered Wallachia. The people feared him, but loved. However, the relatives of those same five hundred burned alive by the nobles hated him fiercely and dreamed quits. The Prince started hunting. One day he was ambushed. His retinue slaughtered. When it seemed that at any moment be seized and the prince, he suddenly shouted something (say that in Turkish), twisted on the spot like a top and disappeared. “body it was not found. The German chronicles say that he was allegedly still porubali into pieces that are then assembled one of the monks from their monasteries, and buried with appropriate honors. But this version has not received confirmation. Even in the twentieth century, the so-called Dracula’s tomb unearthed and they found nothing but bones ass. Maybe it was a desecration of the remains, perhaps, Dracula is indeed gone. In any case, the legend of the immortal vampire have been confirmed as the legend of the body that never grows old, and beauty that never fades. But whether in the body of the soul – is the question! “

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