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13 Jan

The parameters of the orbit of a celestial body suggest that it may be man-made spacecraft. The report about the discovery of an unusual asteroid was published at the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union.
Astronomers have discovered a mysterious asteroid, which on Wednesday close to Earth at a minimum distance.

According to scientists, an asteroid that were designated as 2010 AL30, has the dimensions of the order of 10-15 meters. On Wednesday, about 15:48 he approached the Earth at a minimum distance – 128 thousand kilometers.

“This facility has … period of one year, consequently, it is rather man-made objects than natural celestial body,” – note the Italian astronomer who received images of the asteroid.

However, an American astronomer at the Space Science Institute believes that the orbit of the newly discovered asteroid is nothing unusual and did not like the usual orbit space vehicles.

During the closest approach to Earth asteroiod 2010 AL30 can be seen in the constellation Pisces, the constellation Orion and the constellation Taurus as the star of the 14 th magnitude, but see it will be possible only through a telescope.

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