Biologists are looking for Martians in Australian lakes

25 Jan

According to modern ideas, in some regions of the Red Planet may exist lakes of liquid water with high salt content. In the new study scientists interested in the possibility of such biodiversity of lakes.

Biologists undertook a study of issues related to the existence of life on Mars, using samples from lakes with high acidity in the eastern part of Australia.
Article researchers appeared in the journal Astrobiology, a summary of its results

In particular, they were able to establish that the diversity of living organisms in a reservoir depends on the amount of minerals contained in it. Thus, the more varied mineral composition, the more varied life. Parallel with the discovery of this fact with the help of DNA, biologists were able to find more than 40 new species of living organisms.

More recently, scientists were able to show that under the ice cover of Mars there may be liquid water. Layer of liquid formed by the melting of ice due to heating by sunlight dark speckles in it.

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