Astronomers discuss the possibility of detecting alien

26 Jan

alienToday, the probability of finding life on other planets is higher than it has ever been convinced that the Astronomer Royal, Lord Rees, head of the Royal Society [British counterpart Academy of Sciences].

And such a discovery, he adds, if it occurred, would be a grand landmark in the history of mankind: it can be to change our perceptions of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.

These words from the lips of the venerable astronomer came at a time from different countries in London brings together members of the international conference which will discuss prospects for detecting extraterrestrials.

For half a century, scientists scan the heavens, hoping to find a radio signal sent by intelligent beings, but all they could hear so far – only the discharges of static electricity.

And yet, says Lord Rees, now the chances are much higher than before.

“Technology is so advanced that the first time we can entertain a realistic hope of discovering orbiting other stars, planets the size no bigger than the earth, – he explains. – We can understand if they have continents and oceans, to understand what type of atmosphere is there for them.”

“And although we will not soon be able to understand whether any of them at least some life – recognizes a scientist – even this is amazing progress – to be able to get some kind of image of another planet.”

Output in recent years in space orbiting telescopes that can pinpoint a great distance celestial bodies the size of Earth, made this a real possibility. I have enabled scientists to focus on such searches.

“If we are anywhere else was able to detect life – albeit a simple life – this is one of the great discoveries of the XXI century, – says the Lord Fig. – I suspect that there, in space, can be the life and mind in such forms we are not able to provide. And, of course, there may be forms of intelligence, overtaking rights – as much as we are ahead of the chimpanzee

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