Arctic Ocean is melting at record speed

10 Jan

Arctic, OceanScholars group note that the ice was so thin that may already begin to melt in the vast territory.
Japanese researchers have reported that the ice in the Arctic Ocean this year are melting faster than usual. This raises concern about the fact that the summer ice area uncovered part of the ocean will be more.

Employees of the Japanese Office of Marine and geoissledovaniyam, reported that they reviewed the status of the ice cover in the Arctic Ocean, using the analysis of reflection of radio waves from satellites to monitor.

Scientists also say that the melting observed in the Arctic Ocean this summer, takes place in unusual terms. Usually, it does not begin until August. However, in the waters off the coast of Alaska and Canada on June 15 revealed the presence of thin ice and the accumulation of ice, which in area four times the area of Japan.

Scientists warn that the melting of ice in the Arctic Ocean will be faster, given that sea water is heated by the sun.

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