Trio galaxies mixture

galacticAlthough they are the largest of the scattered objects in the universe, they can be seen only at night.

The Hubble Space Telescope photographed a lot of pairs of colliding galaxies. They are like snowflakes – no two are completely alike. This is one of the most amazing of galaxies with blurry images to date.

At first glance, it looks as though a small galaxy hit the center of tug of war between sumo wrestler pairs of elliptical galaxies.

These galaxies are distorted by much more than once we saw our Milky Way, displaying a spiral galaxy.
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Large Hadron Collider before the birth of “God particle”

LHCApparently – geniuses of science are preparing for the new record.
It is expected that after the launch of the accelerator at 15-16 days of February the total energy of particle collisions in it will be increased almost three times! – From 2,36 teraelectronvolt to 7 teraelectronvolt.

In dekabrt 2009 Physics CERN successfully set a world record in the experiments at the huge accelerator in history – it passed the first beams of protons at the collision energy of 2.36 teraelectronvolt.

Collision energy in the largest to date, the collider – the Tevatron accelerator at Fermi lab name (USA) – does not exceed 1,8 teraelectronvolt, beams of protons and antiprotons in it were dispersed to the energy of 900 GeV each.
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January 29 evening earthlings see the brightest moon

Maximum bright and the most enormous moon this year Earthlings can watch on Friday evening, 29 January.

For reasons that natural full moon coincided with the maximum convergence of the Moon and the Earth’s natural satellite disk will shine 30% brighter, and its diameter will be 15% more.

The orbit of the satellite – the Moon – ellipsoobraznoy, at the closest point to Earth orbit (perigee) to the natural satellite at 50 thousand miles closer than the opposite point – the apogee.
We find. Distance to natural satellite – the Moon ranges from 406 thousand kilometers to 360 thousand kilometers.
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Internet Archive UFO is open to all!

UFOIn Ukraine, made public a national archive of evidence on visit to Ukraine, a UFO.

Ufology Ukraine published on the Internet – directory eyewitness accounts of strange unidentified flying objects over the territory of our country.

Among the “secret” materials – about 500 items of witnesses who recorded the unknown flying objects (UFO) over the territory of Ukraine, dating back to the XVII century.

Most interesting archive was published UFO club UFO DOS.
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Weapons future war – Israeli microsatellites

Israeli military industry has been developing a radically new means of intelligence gathering – a microsatellite, the IDF said the air force commander Major-generad Ido Nehoshtan, wrote Mignews

Nehoshtan spoke at the annual conference of traditional space, Ilan Ramon in the Aviation Institute Fisher brothers in Herzliya.

According Nehoshtana such satellites can be run into space from the plane to launch it only takes a few minutes, and each satellite will be launched to perform a specific task – gathering intelligence information about a specific facility or a military formation of the enemy.
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Moon created a nuclear explosion

Two scientists from the Netherlands have developed a theory of the formation of the Moon, based on the assumption that the substance, which became part of the satellite separated from the young Earth at the time of powerful natural explosion.

The most popular giant impact theory is now considering the formation of the Moon as a result of the collision of Earth with an object the size similar to Mars. As the simulation, such a development, only about 20% of the substance of the satellite must have an earthly origin, all the rest, obviously, comes from the incident site.
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What color were dinosaurs?

Group of paleontologists from China and the UK reconstructed color of the two types of dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period, which managed to acquire primitive feathers.

The remains of dinosaurs and feather samples older than 100 million years old, were brought from China. Exploring the findings, the researchers found two types of melanosomes (organelles containing the pigments): eumelanosomy and feomelanosomy. The former have an elongated shape and are responsible for the color black, the second – spherical – give a red color.

Both species studied, “feathered” dinosaurs are theropods. One of them called Sinosauropteryx, on the tail, as it turns out, were light and dark stripes, and feathers in dark areas contain feomelanosomy and had a reddish-brown color, and light areas are likely to remain white. Another small scale dinosaur, Sinornithosaurus, could boast of feathers complex color with patches of black and reddish-brown color.
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Discovered center of Maya civilization

MayaArchaeologists have discovered a huge sculpted head in Guatemala. This finding indicates that at present little known place in the jungle-covered region of Peten, perhaps once been a significant city.

Stucco sculpture of more than three meters wide and four meters in height over the centuries had been buried under the rubble Chilonche, near the border with Belize.

The recent discovery, which dates from the early classical period – from 300 to 600 AD, also means that the found a city much older than previously thought. Maya often built new buildings using old, as the foundation.
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HIV does not cause AIDS

AIDS,HIVHIV does not lead to anything. Shocking lie that HIV – the only cause of AIDS, has been fully accepted by the scientific community and the public later.

But HIV – the virus is very weak not able to destroy the immune system. The assertion that AIDS is sexually transmitted – also a lie.

There are two types of viruses. Let’s call the first, using an aviation analogy, the “pilot”, and the other “passengers”. The pilot is able to change the nature of the cell and cause the body to the disease, which usually occurs rapidly, once the virus begins to reproduction in cells. Passengers also lives at the expense of cells exists in it, but not destroy it.
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Microraptor dinosaurs

Scientists worked with a model created on the basis of fossils. The work of specialists from the U.S. and China, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Its essence is contained in the press release the University of Kansas.

Chetyrehkrylye or Microraptor dinosaurs were small feathered dinosaurs, which lived about 120 million years ago (that is the age of the fossil remains discovered Microraptor). There is no scientific consensus about how exactly Microraptor used its four wings. Some experts believed that dinosaurs had planned from branch to branch. Other scholars hold the view that Microraptor lived on the ground and wings help them make long jumps.
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