Large Hadron Collider before the birth of “God particle”

Apparently – geniuses of science are preparing for the new record. It is expected that after the launch of the accelerator at 15-16 days of February the total energy of particle collisions in it will be increased almost three times! – From 2,36 teraelectronvolt to 7 teraelectronvolt. In dekabrt 2009 Physics CERN successfully set a… Read more Large Hadron Collider before the birth of “God particle”

Weapons future war – Israeli microsatellites

Israeli military industry has been developing a radically new means of intelligence gathering – a microsatellite, the IDF said the air force commander Major-generad Ido Nehoshtan, wrote Mignews Nehoshtan spoke at the annual conference of traditional space, Ilan Ramon in the Aviation Institute Fisher brothers in Herzliya. According Nehoshtana such satellites can be run into… Read more Weapons future war – Israeli microsatellites

Microraptor dinosaurs

Scientists worked with a model created on the basis of fossils. The work of specialists from the U.S. and China, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Its essence is contained in the press release the University of Kansas. Chetyrehkrylye or Microraptor dinosaurs were small feathered dinosaurs, which lived about 120… Read more Microraptor dinosaurs