Witches – who are they?

20 Dec

Who are the witches
There is such a cliche: “All the women — witches . And they say it is usually a hostile tone. You yourself, probably, not just heard it and felt offended. And absolutely nothing. Detractors will never even know what a compliment to women doing!
The word ” witch “Nothing wrong in itself does not bear. It comes from the word “Veda”.
So, a witch – a woman who knows something that is hidden from the other eye. In women, the intuition developed significantly better than men. But only with the help of intuition can penetrate to the depth of knowledge about the world and about themselves.

Therefore, women can comprehend the true essence of all events and phenomena of the world, which is why it is easier to understand how to behave in different situations of life. Women’s magichna soul by nature. A magichna it because it has power over intuitive knowledge of the world – much more boggy and accurate than logical.

Woman more closely than male, connected with nature, it is easier to get in touch with her secret forces and learn to use them for their own purposes. This is the natural ability of women, nothing wrong with that. Bad if the secret forces of nature are used for evil, to the detriment of others – if a woman does it, then indeed, calling her a witch, you can give this word a negative connotation.

But in olden days in villages all women mastered the art of magic, and it was a good magic that seeks to become a beautiful, happy marriage to save his house from the evil eye and damage to the harvests were bountiful, and the children – healthy. The majority of women are not considered to be witches. Magic was a natural part of their life.

Spread the bread was a male affair, but before the man went into the field, a woman had to whisper over a special word of grain to grain had been grown. Women know ceremonial songs, incantations, laments, turns every occasion – wedding, birth of a child, building a house – in a magical ritual designed to bring peace and prosperity. If a village threatened by a terrible disease, all the women went out at night in the First Quarter of their huts and walked around the village, propahivaya particular furrow through which the disease could not cross. If at this moment their paths met pa man, his death could have scored: it was thought that it was he who bears plague the village.

Woman by nature – a magical creature, because the nature of women – intuitive. A heightened intuition gives us the lunar energy. His magical nature of our duty to the Moon.

That she does all women a little witch. It is quite natural that the magical rituals are closely connected with the Moon. For example, people have long feared full moon also because they were afraid of witches, who supposedly Moon flock to the Sabbath, the mysterious forays into the woods. In fact, the weight is simple; Moon – best time for gathering medicinal herbs, they are at this time have a greater force. This village quack-grandmother, the local healer and collected at the time the grass. And the ignorant people that somehow afraid. So it turns out that all the fears of the witches – from ignorance of the truth.

Happens and malicious magic, when women’s natural ability to use magic for evil. This temptation should be avoided wherever possible. And the temptation exists, and a considerable one.

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