We look forward to in 2012 or 3797 will live to see

The ends of the world, as they are true friends of humanity – are with us hand in hand, starting from the time before our era, and accompanying us on this day. They attacked once in a century, and that almost every two or three years. If we pay attention to each of them, perhaps, would treat them as a kind of ritual. You look, and holidays would have appeared: the first day of the apocalypse, the tenth collision with another asteroid, the second coming Jubilee.

We have been warned. Of course, one of the most anticipated parts of the world the one that supposedly predicts the calendar of the Mayan Indian tribe in 2012. Like, this date calendar ends – to see, an evil omen … Hollywood excites our minds disasters and loss of humanity, predicted the tribe. Directed blockbuster “2012” by Roland Emmerich, who is now shown in our cinemas, incinerates the city and country, continents explodes and crushes people’s aircraft carriers and skyscrapers, like insects. And all this, according to his assurances, based on the already mentioned Maya writing.

ANCIENT minds. The very ancient civilization that disappeared over a thousand years ago, or represented calculus days. They had two full calendar – one for everyday life, the other – for sacred rituals and ceremonies. And to live like a real Maya had to be able to combine the two complex calendar in one “calendar circle”. Then thou shalt sow in time and sacrificed in time. For long stretches of time using Maya “Long Count”. This scoring system was divided into cycles, each of which was 13 (associated with the number of principal gods) cycles for 5200 years. After this time you begin a new cycle.

“It is estimated Mayan our cycle began in 3114 BC, and will end in December 2012, – says lecturer in the history of ancient world history department of Moscow State University, mayyanist Alexander Safronov. – But Maya is not invested in it some apocalyptic meaning. And this is not the last cycle, but only the third or fourth in a larger “circle”.

Alarmists add that the end of the cycle correlates with abnormal increase in solar activity: that our planet is just a boil. “There were no anomalies in the 2012-m is not expected, – calms doctor fizmatnauk Vsevolod Lozitsky. – Moreover, now the Sun moves from the relatively high activity to normal. ” Do not believe in doomsday and astrologers: “Just started a new cycle. The era of religion goes, and in its place comes the era of reason. Will develop space programs, master of the planet. But for the U.S. this year will be the Rubicon, and they will lose their power. One leader prophesied that, when America will be the 44 th officer (President Obama), it will collapse, “- says astrologer Vlad Ross.

Finally it’s worth noting that even the Maya, who Auguste talks about the end of the world, have abolished it. One of the elders of the tribe Apolinario Chile Pikstun said that the end of the world in 2012 will not come, and the end of the cycle means the “jubilee of creation”.


One of the most famous prophets, French poet, physician and alchemist, Michel Nostradamus predicted in 1999 the event is of paramount: “In the year 1999, 7 months From the sky will come the great king of terror, Angolmua resuscitate the great King.” Many interpreters of Nostradamus have decided that we are talking about an apocalypse, and as you know, wrong.

But curiously, some researchers are predicting that in 2012 mankind once more to remember about the above lines. According to researchers, in 1999 a boy was born, destined to turn the tide of history, and two years later, the great ruler of 13 – the age of the biblical age. As it presents itself in the 2012-m a teenager is not yet clear, but Nostradamus to mankind for many more years of life. And they will be filled with not only the war-ills. Prophet promised us already in this century, computer-telepathic network (new telephony), the scientific evidence of the existence of the soul and received a message from extraterrestrials. After a couple of centuries of colonization of the solar system will begin, and doctors will make life virtually forever. In the third millennium will end the life of the Earth, but not mankind.


In the book of Revelation from the New Testament (another name: “Revelation”) is described, perhaps, the most violent doomsday scenario. Biblical heritage generously bestowed on mankind predicted troubles that precede the Second Coming of Christ: “And from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and unto them was given power, which are scorpions of the earth. They were told not to hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree, but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. ” “Of course, not a fact that everything that was written to be understood directly – explains the father Filaret. – This is a prophetic book, there are many characters.

Misreading of the book of the Apocalypse lot. Each sect strives to predict the date of his Second Coming. Russia sect “Brothers and Sisters of the Red Death” had decided that the end of the world on Nov. 13, 1900. And to pay off their earthly sins, its members have not found anything better than to arrange a self-immolation. Then burned more than 100 people. “In the Gospel it is written that the second coming only knows the Heavenly Father, – says the father Filaret. – The Church has always encouraged not to wait for it, and awake, and live as if it will come today. After all, it will not crash, but the logical end of the old life stage and the transition to the new. Of course, for sinners ugotovleny flour, but not for all people living on earth. ”


The consequences of global warming (GP) – probably the most plausible end of the world. In connection with the warming process, which began in the mid XX century, we will have a whole bunch of trouble. “The temperature of the planet has increased by 0,7 ° C – this is a terrible indicator – explains the coordinator of the Climate Change Program of the National ecocenter Ukraine Christina Rudnytska. – Warming leads to melting of glaciers due to a greater level of the ocean, which, if not to solve the problem, even in this century will flood the island and coastal areas. Because of global climate change are becoming more frequent natural disasters. Over the past 10 years, 9 out of 10 tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and droughts have occurred precisely because of this. ”

According to scientists, from the beginning of the process of warming, the ocean rose by 17 centimeters. If he’d have at least half a meter, podtopit Karibati in the Pacific, Shanghai, and the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. If you warm up will continue, many will simply leave the land area under water. “The critical rise in temperature – 2 ° C, above – a catastrophe. When the temperature rises to 2,4 ° C, coral reefs disappear, 3,4 ° C – the jungle will turn into desert, 4,4 ° C – will accelerate the melting of glaciers, leading to migration of people, – says Rudnytska. – When the temperature at 6,4 ° C, most species of life on the planet will disappear … including people. All this can be expected in this century if no measures are taken.

Scientists have already determined that the GMS is exactly anthropogenic human activities leading to the greenhouse effect. Coal-fired power plants, automobile exhausts, plants emit about 22 billion tons of greenhouse gases per year.

But there is hope for salvation. Climate change is governed by the UN Framework Convention. To it was created the Kyoto Protocol, which commits 192 countries taking part in solving the problem, until 2012 to limit greenhouse gas emissions by 5%. In early December, in Copenhagen will be held talks on the adoption of the new agreement, which obliges the state to 2020 to limit greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, on the recommendation of UN experts. “This suggests that the situation is deteriorating, – said Rudnytska. – Some countries have attempted to develop plans to adapt to new conditions caused by climate change. ”

While there are skeptics who say that the GP – fantasy. Recently, hackers broke into the British university servers, which deals with climate change. In their hands got a letter from Professor Phil Jones, in which he tells about the “trick”, which allows less decrease in temperature “for the sake of big politics”.


When scientists, constructing the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), said that he – our ticket to the future, skeptics, not long thinking, retorted: “Yeah, how did … in a black hole he zavedet us. LHC – the accelerator of charged particles, intended to study the results of collisions of protons. Its functions are purely theoretical: with the help of scientists try to discover the Higgs boson: “It is called” God particle “, it creates a field that is responsible for what looks like the Universe – explains the candidate fizmatnauk, project participant, BAC, Victor Golovtsov. – If we find it, we can make another step in exploring the universe and of where we all come. ”

Fear Collider always warmed up. Opponents have already made a launch accident BAC in four of the most probable scenarios of doom, promising the earth a black hole. Scientists themselves, working with a tank, say that the prerequisites for the Apocalypse there. “Judgments about the black holes that may appear in the collider and tighten in the land itself – unfounded – assures Golovtsov. – That energy capacity, which are carried out by our experiments is too small.

But skeptics are at their – BAC dangerous. “Every time the trigger Collider, in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, near Puerto Rico, the growing number of earthquakes – says Chief Geophysicist geokompanii” VikVita Vitaly Finchuk. – 20 November, when the first time this year launched the LHC, in the area there were 17 earthquakes. According Finchuka the whole point is that the LHC creates an electromagnetic field that is not correlated with the field of the Earth, which leads to seismic upheaval: “In Puerto Rico, which is apparently an exit excess energy from the earth because of this increased Clean electric fields of the Earth. If it increases, for example, as early as 1.5 times the number of earthquakes may reach 300 per minute. Quite simply fall apart.

Asteroids KONCHA

Many promises over the world connected with asteroids. “But the scientific predictions of the collision of an asteroid with the Earth has never been. Only someone guesses “, – says head of department astroobservatorii KNU Anatoly Kazantsev. The first asteroid, which predicted fly near the ground, – “Apophis”. In 2029, we will be able to see this 400-meter outer body with the naked eye.

“While it is not dangerous. If the flight he was confronted with something, you must re-consider its orbit, to understand where he flies, “- says Kazantsev. Scientists say that by the standards of space “Apophis” is small, but enough for the Earth – he’ll fall into the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia will go under the water, and the shock wave is not just bypass the ground. Astrological “apophysis” worried. According to their calculations, when the asteroid will fly near us, the planets line up the cross. “So they behaved when they had crucified Jesus, – explains astrologer Vlad Ross. – The more “Apophis” is translated as “demon spirit.

But the chances of protection we have. “The U.S. have the technology to run vehicles, sitting down on the asteroid and make explosions, to change its orbit – Kazantsev explains. – Asteroids dangerous. Billions of years ago, fell to the earth giants, which radically changed the climate, but now in our belt, there are few large fragments that can come close to Earth. ”


Not all myths it comes to Doomsday, in some – the beginning of positive change. And in the tales of the Eskimos, and in the history of the New Testament on the ruins of the old world, a new. Moreover, some soothsayers say that the good of mankind will happen long before Armageddon, if it would ever happen. So already in 2028 to Venus send a manned spacecraft, and will soon begin its obzhivanie. And when in the late fourth millennium, according to Nostradamus, the people have to leave the Earth, will be much – by then “canceled” earthlings will be a number of planets, including Venus and Mars. By 2046 will not be a body that people would be unable to grow – people will read it immortal. In 2076 will be a classless society – simply communism. And in the beginning of the third millennium, people will create an artificial sun, thereby protect themselves from global cooling that the pessimists are predicting.

AGE OF PURITY. Hindus believe that now is the time of Kali Yuga, the age of the fall of morality and spiritual degradation. ERA goddess Kali, according to the Vedas, lasted 432 000 years, and not end soon. But there are alternative views – a couple of years we may be entering an era in Satya Yuga. That is, start times, when people have the supernatural ability: the instantaneous movement in space, the materialization of various benefits: even want to hop – we wish on a silver platter, and life expectancy will increase as much – up to 100 thousand years. After another 560 thousand years, according to the mystic Helena Blavatsky, we will spheric intelligent beings from the hot plasma and will be ubiquitous. Rate pluses such transformations from the height of the day difficult. But probably be forever, and everywhere – definitely not bad.


Tracing the history of all the promised Armageddon, unwittingly surprised – there were so many, but civilization still exists. What are people afraid of before, and something to be afraid of us?


1. 1688-1700 – the end of the light on the interpretation of the Apocalypse medieval Scottish mathematician John Napier

2. 1833, November 12 – the end of the world, expected in the U.S. due to the strong stellar rain

3. 1914, October 2, 1915; 1925 – years late “times of the Gentiles” (Luk.21: 24), advertised by various researchers of the Bible (now called Jehovah’s Witnesses)

4. 1900, 1 (13) November – end of the world according to the teachings of the sect “Red Death” in Russia

5. 1967, December 25 – nuclear war according to the teachings of the sect of the Danish Church Orton Dana Anders Jensen

6. 1996, December 17 – the destruction of earthlings and aliens, angels, according to the predictions of the American clairvoyant Sheldon Needle

9. 1997, August 29 – Nuclear War, organized out-of-control military computer Skynet In the film “Terminator 2”

10. 1998 – Earth’s collision with a comet and the change of poles according to predictors of Chelyabinsk

11. 1999, August – move the Earth into a new dimension in accordance with prophecy Russia forecaster Michael Shevchenko

12. 1999, August 11, at 9:30 or 11:11, or 15:10 – end of the world during a major solar eclipse, according to some interpretations of Nostradamus’s predictions

13. 2000 – “computer end of the world” – a problem in 2000, when the dial is “the zeros”

14. 2001, August 11 – the absorption of the Earth and the solar system, black hole under the assumptions of some American astronomers


1. 2009 – launch of the Large Hadron Collider at full capacity, which again linked the rumors about the origin of black hole

2. 2009 – Armageddon, according to the interpretation of religious studies centuriae Nostradamus Peter Laurie

3. 2012, 21-23 December – end of the world (end times) on the Mayan calendar

4. 2016 – melting glaciers and the flooding of much of the land according to calculations climatologist James Hansen

5. 2035 – doomsday predictions of Michel Nostradamus, which will be preceded by a 27-year war

6. 2036 – possible collision of Earth with the asteroid Apophis

7. 2622, February – end of the world, which according to Muslim chronology, “the seventh month of 1999,” predicted by Nostradamus

8. 2666 – the year the number of the Devil

9. Around 3000 – the passage through the solar system meteoritic flux Tavridy estimated astrophysics from Oxford University Victor Klyuba

10. 3797 – end of the world view of the final date of the prophecies of Nostradamus

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