Vampires. Legend of the second. Superstitions treatises on vampirism.

26 Dec

Treatises XVIII century. about vampirism e, and then made in the XIX century. study allowed to identify the main features of this creature. Here too, there are many variants, but basically, a vampire can be recognized, evaluated the state of the body a few weeks after the burial. If it does not decompose and slightly chilled – it vampire . Another feature of the vampire – well-developed hair: thick, fused eyebrows, hands, covered with hair. Vampires Romania has a short tail covered with hair, which the heat may become longer. The tail is able to increase the miraculous powers of its possessor.
During outbreaks vapirizma to determine the correct grave at the cemetery ran virgin mare white or black suit, saddled teenage virgin. According to superstition, before the grave, hiding the vampire, the horse stumbles or stand on its hind legs.

If around the graves have small openings, it also indicates that it is vampire : Through these holes, he flies in the form of fog. People born from the union of vampire and death, have the gift of unmistakably guessing the dead, blood-suckers. In Serbia they are called “vampiruch” or “vampirovich”; in Bohemia and Hungary – “Dampier.
Generally, after the death of any person can become a vampire. But there is a certain group of people for whom this transformation is most likely: a defrocked, suicides, who took a violent death, witches, stillborn children, as well as everyone who is not buried in a Christian cemetery.
And some expect this grim fate even as a result of innate characteristics – born with teeth, or in headgear (with his head covered with the remnants of the amniotic membranes or placenta).
The category of those who can easily become vampires, are also people with very dark or light blue eyes, with red, like Judas, hair or red birthmarks on the body. When these people die, put them in a coffin and bury need special precautions. In Romania, the forehead of the deceased or a nail was hammered into his body pierced with needles. Skin grease pig, was killed on the day of St. Ignatius. To prevent the soul of alleged vampire back into the body, the mouth of the deceased put the head of garlic (in Romania), the consecrated communion bread (in Greece) or lemon (in Saxony).
To the dead could not leave the grave, he nailed to the bottom of the coffin. In Sudetes body wrapped in woolen shroud: vampire was supposed to get down on one loop in the year. In Russia in the coffin threw poppy seeds to the vampire counts them every night. Suicides and excommunicated from the church is usually buried at the crossroads. In Serbia, to protect the house from the vampire, the doors and windows with tar paint crosses.
In Romania, all the rooms are hung from the ceiling heads of garlic and rub them to doors, windows, chimneys and keyholes; the roads leading to cemeteries, sprinkle with poppy seeds or seeds of wild rose: a vampire, one must collect them all.
To destroy a vampire, it is first necessary to pierce his heart wooden stake. In Russia, it uses aspen (of this tree was made by the cross of Christ). In other countries prefer thorns, reminiscent of the crown of Christ. In Dalmatia and Albania apply sanctified stylet. The action, which in Romania called “the great correction” is done at dawn, with the first rays of the sun, one who performs the rite, should plunge count one stroke, or a vampire can be resurrected. If the body does not crumble into dust, his decapitated gravedigger shovel and burned and their ashes dispel the wind, or buried at the intersection of two roads.

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