Vampires. Interesting reasoning.

17 Dec

We are damned, we do not like it. … And for their loved ones, alas, we’re dead … but we will never forgive the man who doomed us to eternal wandering … He is our God, our father and our benefactor … It is only an illusion in the eyes simple man, but for us it is the truth …
We live to spite the enemy … We see the world as it is … And we know all of your mistakes … We just drink blood, eat from the wisdom of the great … Among us there is no rich or poor … Our gold – this is great wisdom … We vampires Children of darkness …. And this is true …. Truth for us …

And so, Transylvania with us! Vampires, as we all know immortal ancestors simply sleeping. Among the people also have Vampires But not necessarily, they drink blood. Blood can drink every fool, including those who have “decimated” by Vampire. There are some problems: bad teeth, strange feeling of loneliness, the endless suffering of the soul, the embodiment of their dissatisfaction, lack of understanding of the human “high”, and much more … … MB assumptions, disturbing the fact that your ancestors – Vampires. But with this, a huge energy potential … …. Vampire does not count – is the product of the Witches.
Gentlemen, we live on planet Earth and our planet is beautiful, and we want to live in our country with its laws and regulations, does not it – right?
People may pray, but the stench of human aggression, meanness, etc. rose so high that other Gallaktiki just do not see the Earth. On this point there is a good book LT Arteminko: “The cruelty of the world,” Epilogue:: “…. The fact that human grief, fear and pain disappear with the death of an organism that does not leave any trace of ups and downs, pleasures and Torture – a commendable gift of evolution, which thus likens us to animals. If from every unfortunate, a tortured man remained at least one atom of his feelings, if thus grew the legacy of generations, if even a spark could run from man to man – the world would overflow cry, in agony erupted from his chest “(sage Lem).

Wise people can only pray, but not many, many people pray only for themselves.

But on earth live not only people.

Earth needs help, we – the inhabitants of Earth must include a lighthouse, so that we noticed and called: “SOS!” Forces of Nature with us! Wise people with us!
Remember that vampires are immortal – is a gift, and it should be judged on merit, vampires, unlike people remember all their suffering (and everyone in general).

Want to know whether the flow in your genes vampires ? Very simple technique of communication with their ancestors, (the more so because neither the only sleeping).
– Find a secluded, quiet place, close your eyes and mind transfer into the past (better to go to Transylvania), greet their ancestors.
– Imagine “round” Vampires and closed circle. In the center of the circle the energy sphere (Forces of Nature with us), unite mind with their ancestors in a single whole, feel a powerful energy flow (as by wire passes through you).
While we were together – we have strength.
PS … … Witch – no allies and no friends with them must be very careful.

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