Unusual creature emerged in the Atlantic

31 Dec

In the Atlantic, found the substance, weighing about 40 kg and a length of about 1,8 m, hitherto unknown to science. It was discovered off the coast of the State of Bahia, in northern Brazil.

Unfortunately ichthyology, at the time of the meeting with an unknown man a fish (and scientists believe that this fish) was already dead. According to experts, is a resident of the depths, is not suited to shallow water, he died back in the water when it pulled up to board the boat. Mouth of the animal was littered with small teeth, and scales on the body for it.

Practical usefulness of the findings, unfortunately, not be able to extract: the body of fish jelly-like consistency, is composed mainly of fat, and therefore use it as a meal not only for scientific purposes. Therefore, it is pickled and sent for more detailed study in the laboratory.

Find Brazilian ichthyologists confirms that nature, despite the work done by scientists, is still able to surprise people. Discoveries such as this occur before. So, in August 2007 off the coast of Massachusetts was found 230-pound skate longer than two meters. Before that slopes of this size did not come across professionals.

There were other similar cases. A pair of archaeologists from the town of Bishop, Calif., discovered a vertical hole in the ground when looking for petroglyphs. The researchers went downstairs and noticed that the corridor is horizontal. At the end of the road they met face image, where the water flowed from his mouth. Suddenly, water gushed from the present, so that the scientists had to flee the tunnel.

In 2006, the divers investigated the atoll near the island of Saba (Lesser Antilles) in the Caribbean Sea, found nearly 150 previously unknown species of fish, as well as about 12 new species of algae. In the same year, 20 previously unknown frogs, four new species of butterflies and at least five new species of palm trees were discovered in a remote mountainous province of New Guinea

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