The skin and skeletal system : Hair

Hair, unlike skin color, not used to divide humanity into races. The most important pigment is contained in the hair, as well as in the skin – melanin. The hair of most people contain a sufficient amount of melanin, makes hair dark brown or black color. Some representatives of the white race – shateny or blonds, because they have a small amount of melanin in the hair. Some hair is present red pigment. Its color is apparent in light-haired people in the form of various shades of red hair. With age, the ability of melanin to form a new hair, which continually replaces old hair is often lost. Result – gray or white hair.

In Europe and North America, where a modern theories of race, people have found so many different shades of hair, that people do not pay this much attention. Certainly, the German-speaking peoples who invaded the Western and Southern Europe in the VI century, had a lighter complexion than the Romans, which they won. Has not happened yet complete mixing, blond hair, aristocratic descendants of the invaders encountered more frequently than among the descendants of the conquered peasants. Perhaps that is why in fairy tales (many of which were created during the Middle Ages), often blond princess.

Leaving hair color aside, some anthropologists, however, tried to classify people by race according to the shape of their hair. May be straight, wavy or curly.

In fact, all the representatives of yellow Melanesian race, for example, have straight hair without a hint of waves or curls. Eskimos, which most scientists would react to the yellow, too, straight hair, but so are, and Turkic peoples of Central and West Asia, and many of them, especially in West Asia, considered to be white.

Curly, or finely curled hair are characteristic of the representatives of the black race, living in Africa and New Guinea and neighboring islands.

Wave hair is found among white men, and among black Dravidians of India and the Australian Aborigines.

It is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Many Europeans or Americans of European descent have very straight hair, although they belong to a group with wavy hair. On the other hand, there are at least three types of curly hair. There are short curly hair, which exactly cover the entire scalp, as the majority of black people. There are short, curly strips, which are growing strands, creating grandeur, as in some East African groups. There are more long curly hair peoples south-western Pacific Islands. Hair of Australian aborigines, as a rule, curly or wavy, with the exception of one small group in Queensland, which has what is called curly hair.

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