The skin and skeletal system : Bone System

06 Dec

Along with the color bone system is most often used in determining the differences between people. The bones form the skeleton of the human body is skeletal system is responsible for the fact that one man tall and narrow-shouldered, while the other stocky and has short fingers. (Of course, that the fat layer also affects the appearance of man, but it is easy to change a diet.) Growth is typically distinctive features of different nations. In all groups of people are stunted and tall individuals. However, the average growth of Scandinavians much more than the average growth of Sicilians. Living in Northern France on average, slightly higher than those in the South of France.

Representatives of the yellow and black races can also be divided into different groups depending on growth. The Chinese are higher than the Japanese. A wide variety is found among the African peoples. Representatives of some Negro tribes, such as tall as the Scandinavians, or even above them. On the other hand, the Pygmies of the Congo are the most stunted people.

However, the criteria of growth has its difficulties. First, the growth of the individual can not be known until he finally grew up, so that growth rate is useless in the classification of children. In addition, taken separately Sicilian may be higher than that taken separately Scandinavian. In addition, the growth also depends on the person’s sex, usually males higher than females of the same group. Finally, the height of a man partly dependent on the power supply system. The children of European immigrants in America often grow higher than their parents, that probably is because of improved nutrition.

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