The explanation of the mysteries of the human brain

Soul – the notion of absolute scientific, and stream of consciousness – not a metaphor. Studying the properties of the human brain was the main theme of the general meeting of Russia Academy of Sciences. Scientists today can not only measure the force of ideas, but read them and see through the brain and decipher the mechanism of memory. One can say that today, scientists are closer than ever to solving the mystery of the human brain. To complete the research needed to 32 million years.

In the large hall of Russia Academy of Sciences after the last row has another – scientists are here. You bet! For the best brains tell each other about the latest developments in brain research. There have sometimes sensational statements to their audience: the soul exists! With this, of course, not everybody agrees, but that’s another reason, no one disputes.
The phrase “stream of consciousness” – it turns out, quite a scientific term.

“The only thing you can say about consciousness as a mental category that is – a stream that is – the process. Therefore, the “stream of consciousness” has become a metaphor in a truly scientific definition “, – told the audience Academician Mikhail Ostrovsky, president of the Physiological Society of IP Pavlova.

Of course, in recent years, brain science has advanced significantly. But the famous quote: “head – the subject is dark and the study may not be” still remains very relevant. However, according to scientists, the number of cases of the brain in the near future may overtake the cardio-vascular: they cause constant stress. It subconsciously manifested even in the language: people are trying to protect themselves and ask “do not remove, do not make, do not puff the brain,” not to go on it and a lot of things still to do.

On foreign language Alla spoke to her own surprise. Just woke up in the morning and started talking. She does not want to show their faces because in shock from happening. In shock and teachers of the local institution to which the girl came. The studies revealed that Ala suddenly became the bearer of the Romanian language.

According to scientists, the cause is likely to be found in childhood, girls are so deep that she did not remember. Perhaps someone from within then the number of people spoke Romanian. But the daily recorded dozens of much more serious cases.

“It’s not that people talked a lot, but now says little. Or talked well, but now says is bad. He breaks down the system of linguistic knowledge, this is what happens in his head. He forgot the syntax – remember a few words, but do not know how to prepare. Or remembered only about verbs, but can not remember about things. He can speak to kvaziinostrannym accent “- tells about the possible problems that may occur in patients with language disorders Tatiana Chernihiv, Professor of General Linguistics of the Philological Faculty of St. Petersburg State University.

Understand what disorder in the brain cause such disorder, and that they can do, try neyrolingvisty. Knowledge of language is directly linked with a term such as memory. Modern computers have long since left man in the velocity of the operations, but any super hard drive is limited in the amount of memory. Man is able to remember everything. In any case, the human brain is not declared: “I’m overwhelmed, more information shall not be entered. Another thing, how memory is stored. It turns out, remembering something, the brain withdraws from its depths is not the event itself, and makes like a copy of it. This copy may well prove to be inaccurate, but it is ultimately stored in memory as true.

“There is absolutely wonderful examples of how a person believes that there is something that is not really happening, it is through these processes are continuous rewriting, upgrade our memory,” – explains the corresponding member of Academy of Sciences, Professor Konstantin Anokhin.

The work of the brain provide the billions and billions of nerve connections, they are even more than the stars in the cosmos. Is why, scientists believe, can never forswear. Yes, clairvoyance, hypnosis, teleportation – all this often seems a fiction, but who really knows what can the brain? After all, people are trying to unravel the mysteries of the brain with the help of his own. And it’s like to unravel the universe.

“As soon as we are moving in some definite direction, we have a more questions than we have answers. And the decision is a big goal, approaching goal, it is closer to the horizon “- gives his assessment of the ongoing process, Professor Michael Ugryumov, head of the Department of hormonal regulation of the Institute of Developmental Biology behalf NK Koltsov.

Because the creation of artificial intelligence is just as powerful as a man – is it a very distant future, or do an impossible task. Yes, the computer can quickly solve problems, but to think and make extraordinary decisions in unexpected situations, it is unlikely to be able to. And even if such a cyborg and is created, it will still be created by the human brain.

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