The aliens live among us

31 Dec

Scientists from the Bulgarian Space Research Institute say they are currently working on deciphering the messages from another planet, written by a complex system of symbols. The aliens, according to the Bulgarian scientists, currently responsible for 30 issues, which they were raised.

Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Institute of Space Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, confirmed that such scientific work really is.

According to him, employees of the center analyzed 150 images of crop circles around the world, representing, according to scientists, nothing but the answers to their questions.
“The aliens are now living among us and lead us constant surveillance”, – said Philip, in an interview with the Bulgarian media.

“They are not hostile to us, rather they want to help us, but we are not sufficiently developed to establish direct contact with them.”

Filipov said that even the Vatican has confirmed that aliens exist.
He said that people will be able to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations are not using radio waves, but by thought alone, reports Topnyus citing

“The human race must establish direct contact with aliens in the next 10-15 years”, – he promised.

“The aliens do not approve of immoral behavior in regard to their treatment of nature.”

Publication of report on study of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in connection with the establishment of communication with aliens takes place against the backdrop of unfolding in the Bulgarian press and government circles, the debate about the role, relevance, and the reform of the institution

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