Sensation. UFO over the Kremlin.

22 Dec

The Western press is intrigued “UFOs over the Kremlin.” The mysterious object in the form of a pyramid, which has recently seen over Moscow, has puzzled not only Russians, but also foreign media.

The video clips amateur footage, which can be seen hovering over the Kremlin triangular object, “similar to the Imperial Cruiser Darth Vader”, have become leaders in the number of views on version of YouTube .

“UFOs appeared on November 9, the same night in which the sky over Norway saw a strange glow spiral, which was later explained unsuccessful launch of Russia’s missiles,” – wrote Daily Mail, referring to the failure of tests of the Bulava. UFO allegedly hung at a height of one and a half kilometers within a few hours. Thus, in one clip object is filmed at night from the car window, but on the other – day.

Noting that many of the skepticism of reports of unidentified flying object, the newspaper nevertheless cites former employee of the Ministry of Defense UK, specializing in UFO, Nick Pope, who said that this is one of the most “extraordinary movies about UFOs, which he could be seen.

“At first I thought it was a reflection, but it is clear that the object moves in an electric wire that disproves this theory,” – he said. In a newspaper commentary also appealed to the magazine Jane’s News, specializing in the aerospace industry. Comment of the Press Secretary of the journal was brief: “We have no idea what it is.”

Media point out that the theme of unusual events over the place where the working president of Russia, is still interested in only the Western media (except for Russia Today, which broadcasts to foreign audiences). In turn, users of YouTube, which is placed under the video comments, wonder why the bodies of the Interior has not responded to the heavenly clutter.

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