Global warming drives people mad – British scientists

Specialists of the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, reported that climate change is the planet has some serious negative consequences for the mental health population.

The total burden of mental disorders throughout the world is getting worse. Thus, due to natural disasters, such as: floods, droughts, cyclones change has been steadily increasing number of cases of post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression and other disorders arising in the background of extreme stress.
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10 major medical inventions in 2009

The ten most important innovations in the health sector for 2009 include the establishment of a vaccine against “swine flu”, “electronic eye”, a new type of hearing aid, a new method for the regeneration of broken bones, electromagnetic therapy for depression, antiviral, antibacterial paint for the walls, electronic stethoscope technology Blue tooth, the cheapest in the world prosthetic knee joint, a new system of transportation of organs for transplantation.
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TOP-10 most dangerous animals

Let’s start with the tenth place. He rightly took the poisonous frogs that live in Central and South America, Madagascar. On their backs are glands that produce toxins. Yad one – the only golden frogs inhabiting Madagascar, can kill ten people. One consolation – the frog produces toxins gradually and very slowly.
In ninth place is situated a wild Indian and African buffalo. This is a very dangerous animal, because it is afraid of neither man or other animals. Full-grown male reaches 2 m at the shoulder with a weight of 900 kg. Horn can curl up in a semicircle or widely dispersed in the side of the head, forming a gentle arc. Record length of horns – 195 cm He quickly feels extraneous and can attack first. Especially dangerous protecting buffalo calves.
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Discovered the secret of Shaolin monks

British scientists have unraveled the secret tactics of non-contact fighting Shaolin monks. As the Yoread, the monks themselves say that they helped the energy “Chi”, wrote Rosbalt

It turns out the secret to the static electrics. Monks accumulate static charge, then touch the goal and passed the slack this level it. Upon receipt of the discharge all the muscles of the body begin to randomly decline, and brings the opponent off balance.
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Physicists from the University of Utah have developed a method to make invisible objects of any size. Now, from the eyes of the enemy can hide even the army, though the fleet.
In previous experiments, “cloak” is the so-called metamaterials, with their unusual property falling to bend light rays. But using this method, the scientists managed to “hide” just tiny things, not larger than two centimeters, writes EG
Three generator make inaccessible to the light beam is located between the object.
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Top-10 most significant scientific discoveries of the decade Discovery

Discovery Channel summarized the first decade of XXI century, presenting a list of the ten most significant discoveries during this time.
1. Speed of melting glaciers
Researchers at the Earth’s climate indicate that the giant ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica are melting faster than thought – contrary to what scientists have said before, based on the erroneous model calculation.
Famous snow of Kilimanjaro and other low-latitude mountains may disappear completely. Thick Arctic ice is rapidly decreasing, and this means that the Arctic Ocean, most likely in the future will be free of ice in the summer.
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The sky in the form of weeping eyes.

“Eyes in the sky” seen in Makeyevka during a thunderstorm. The witnesses of this extraordinary phenomenon are residents of the neighborhood “green” towns “East”, “Capital” and the city center. Witnesses withdrew it on the camera mobile phones.

Such a miracle in the sky observed in different parts of Makeyevka. It lasted, according to witnesses, about half an hour. Bioenergotherapist Alexander Shestakov faced with a similar phenomenon is not new. She remembers that in 89 seen in the skies over Makeyevka cross. Then he became a harbinger of transformation.
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Modern forex – the eighth wonder of the world?

Many people know that there are seven wonders of the world, but not everyone can name them and list. Since ancient times, these marvels of creation rights, caused great excitement and admiration. And now they bring the same feelings of his contemporaries, architects, artists, and just far from the art of their profession people: accountants, businessmen, brokers forex. For all time of human history people have sought to knowledge, did the invention, to make new discoveries. And to date, been provided with such technology, which was unthinkable to even dream.
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Vampires. Legend first. Name Vampir

The word “vampire” comes from the Hungarian language, where it existed in the form of vampir, but in general it is rather the word of Slavic origin. The Slavs it occurs, it occurs in similar form in , Polish, Czech, Serbian, coexisting with such options as the Bulgarian word vapir , Vepir, Ruthenian vepir, vopir, ghoul The Polish upier. In this regard, should quote Relstona, although it is worth keeping in mind that in some parts it is a bit outdated. His work is “Songs of the people” was published in early 1872. “This name could never satisfactorily explain. The word “vampire” in that its form – vampir – southern upuir, upir still compared with the Lithuanian wempti = “drink” and wampiti = “growl”, “grumble” and remove it from the root of pi-(to drink) with the prefix u = av, va. If this derivation is correct, then the main feature of the vampire can be interpreted as a kind of intoxication with blood. Continue reading “Vampires. Legend first. Name Vampir”

Vampires. Legend of the second. Superstitions treatises on vampirism.

Treatises XVIII century. about vampirism e, and then made in the XIX century. study allowed to identify the main features of this creature. Here too, there are many variants, but basically, a vampire can be recognized, evaluated the state of the body a few weeks after the burial. If it does not decompose and slightly chilled – it vampire . Another feature of the vampire – well-developed hair: thick, fused eyebrows, hands, covered with hair. Vampires Romania has a short tail covered with hair, which the heat may become longer. The tail is able to increase the miraculous powers of its possessor.
During outbreaks vapirizma to determine the correct grave at the cemetery ran virgin mare white or black suit, saddled teenage virgin. According to superstition, before the grave, hiding the vampire, the horse stumbles or stand on its hind legs.
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