Parallel worlds

Perhaps scientists closer to solving the most intriguing mysteries of the universe are there other than our other universes? Albert Einstein in a lifetime trying to create a “theory of everything”, which would describe all the laws of the universe. Do not have time. Today, astrophysicists suggest that the best candidate for this theory is… Read more Parallel worlds

U.S. doctors have found where the person is the soul

Researchers from the Medical Faculty at George Washington University recorded intense bursts of electrical activity in the minds of the dying. Encephalographic DEATH For his experiments, American doctors have told in a recent issue of a specialized journal Journal of Palliative Medicine. They filmed EEG – pictures of brain electrical activity – in seven patients… Read more U.S. doctors have found where the person is the soul

The Next 100 years

Space provocation, similar to its surprise attack from the Japanese on Pearl Harbor in 1941, will result in 2050 of a new world war, which will take place on Earth, its immediate neighborhood, and even on the moon. On the political map of the world Russia is not. On this treacherous attack first reported American… Read more The Next 100 years

Next goat influenza

According to scientists, the new infection is transmitted from a sick animal to man. Infected in this way already in 2300 the Dutch, and six of them died in hospitals. However the local government, alarmed at the beginning of a new epidemic, required to destroy tens of thousands of sick goats and sheep. In accordance… Read more Next goat influenza

Session Revelations: 10 raspostrannennyh “SCIENCE” THE MYTHS

The American magazine “Living Science” published the views of scientists on the most popular “scientific” myths. Session revelations showed that the majority of myths – that the myths, ie errors. But some are more viable and stood the test of a scalpel, ruler, thermometer and stopwatch. 1. In space, no gravity Very strange myth, which… Read more Session Revelations: 10 raspostrannennyh “SCIENCE” THE MYTHS