Living in a parallel world is short and beautiful

worldThe study of celestial bodies can be frustrating. But while scientists have come up with ingenious probes, interplanetary probes and other devices for research, simple huts, had nothing to do with high technology, managed to visit a guest on other planets, to meet with their residents and record their impressions.

Simple inhabitant such stories may seem nothing more than a fiction, an attempt to break away from reality. To this we can argue that the memories of their travels have left quite respectable woman.

Helena Roerich, the wife of a Russian artist, philosopher, scientist, writer and traveler Nicholas Roerich, described her journey to Venus in great detail. In her memoirs, the planet is painted in shades of aqua, there is now the realm of flight – soaring everyone and everything: people, birds and even fish. Animals, whom she met there, are much improved ground: birds understand human speech.

Live veneriantsy short – about 40 years, but they do not grow old and do not suffer from the disease. A newborn in its development corresponds to seven years on Earth, although childhood lasts very little – 5 years. They communicate the same all through telepathy.

In addition, Helena Roerich, and described the social life of the planet. There are all equal, there is no division into states and regions. The population is engaged in work to curb the oceans. Since frequent tornadoes cause giant waves, it is necessary to build dams and breakwaters. Habitual earthlings radio, television and newspapers on Venus there – all the information is transmitted by light-paintings and inscriptions, which appear directly in the air.

The wife of the Prime Minister of Japan Miyuki Hatoyama lady quite extraordinary: powered by sunlight, sewing clothes and unusual claims that familiar with Tom Cruise, though, in his past life, when he was Japanese. But that’s not all. First Lady of the Land of Rising Sun is confident that visited Venus, along with aliens.

On this bright event it narrates in the book “Very strange facts, I have encountered.” Late at night 20 years ago, Miyuki abducted by aliens. “As long as my body was asleep, my soul was in the triangular UFO and went to Venus” – she writes. The planet is the wife of the Prime Minister describes as “very beautiful and green place”.

On the beaten path went to Venus, most likely, and a resident of the glorious city of Volgograd, where rampant aliens. Ellina Glazunov once awakened by the fact that in her room appeared a vertical column of light. It appeared a beautiful blonde in a white suit, something similar to Marilyn Monroe. Then the stranger ordered numb with terror Ellina go with her on the way out, but she came up against – torn nightie and curlers, she unknowingly wound on his head the day before, did not allow her to go for a visit. However, Marilyn Monroe did not retreat, and promised the woman that she would return, “only in a somewhat different incarnation.

Ellina Glazunov obediently followed the night’s guest, and was on the landing of a multistory building, although she lived in a private home. There she met the four young girls – also in his underwear. One of them, apparently not the first time awarded this honor, Ellina reassured: “Do not be afraid .. Raz – there again – back home, it did not last long. And then they went down the beam, which brought women into the laboratory.

There Ellina met a woman who introduced her real mother. She said, “You – our” and explained: “girls, we usually pick. We take periodically. It is necessary sometimes to communicate, not to forget her. About any of the experiments carried out on it, Glazunov not remember.

Ellina woke up in his bed as if from a sharp blow. When he came to, she went to the store and bought good clothes. “I do not want another goof” – she said. New abilities – after all aliens promised her a different hypostasis – she has not found himself in, but still expecting something.

Member of the International UFO Association, chairman of the Volga Study Group on anomalous phenomena Gennady Belimov not only believes in such stories, but also collects them. “Expressed interest in esoteric knowledge, of course I believe in such travel to other planets in our subtle bodies, not physical. Of course, these trips do not occur in our request, and approved by someone above, civilizations, custodial earthlings. But such a journey to something, some kind of personal qualities to win, but even more must have the courage and valor to dare talk about this fact “, – considers ufologist. He was sure that some of us are under the control of the inomiryan “, but for what purpose it is done, he could not yet say.

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