In Africa, the emerging new ocean

31 Dec

oceanCurrently, residents of the planet are witnessing a unique natural phenomenon – the birth of a new ocean. According to scientists, it is already in the near future will be mapped in the vicinity of one of the arid deserts of Ethiopia.

According to experts, a new ocean is formed on the spot rift fault, which stretches for 56 kilometers. It was discovered back in 2005, and currently places has reached the width of six meters. However, despite its rapid development, experts until now could not decide that in future awaits this formation.

The study, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, specialists were able to prove that the tectonic activity in this fault is identical to that which occurs in the depths of mid-oceanic ridges, causing the continents to change its location. In their view, today such activity characteristic of the Red Sea.

The researchers found that the fracture was formed within days after the eruption Dabbahu. Magma arising from its vents, filling the cracks in the earth’s crust, “revealing” break the lock-like “lightning”, RIA Novosti reports. But this only spurred its development. Getting the same fault gave the division of the African and Arabian tectonic plates, which began 30 million years ago, and pushed the continents each year to 2,5 cm.

“We know that the oceanic ridges are influenced by a similar infusion of magma into the rift, but for us it was surprising that such processes may go so fast,” – said Professor American University of Rochester Cindy Ebindzher.

Previously, scientists believed that this process is much slower and is divided into short fragments. Now they are worried about the fate of local populations, because the emerging ocean connects the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden by taking away the inhabitants of vast territories

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