Eight of evidence of extraterrestrial life

There are scientific facts, indirectly confirming that we are not alone in the universe.

1. As early as 1976 in samples of rock taken from the surface of Mars, were found a substance similar to the wastes of living organisms. Repeated tests have not confirmed the result.

2. In 1977, the University of Ohio (Ohio State University) radio telescope recorded an unidentified signal from the constellation of Sagittarius, lasting 37 seconds. Channel signal passed through 220 million light years away, is unknown.

3. In 1984, the Antarctic meteorite was found, coming from Mars, which had traces of nanobacteria. Extraterrestrial origin of these bacteria are still in doubt.

4. In 2001, scientists had completed Drake equation with which to determine the amount of planets suitable for life. It turned out that life could conceivably exist in hundreds of thousands of planets.

5. In 2002, researchers have shown that microbes Deinococcus radiourans able to survive at the level of radiation, more than 2000 times greater than lethal to humans. Moreover, after 50 generations, these microbes adapted to pyatidesyatikratnomu increase in radiation. It was also proved that a sufficient amount of time bacteria E.coli, which do not belong to sverhvynoslivym also able to adapt to high levels of radiation. This indirectly confirms the theory that Mars could exist living organisms.

6. In 2002, the atmosphere of Venus were discovered carbonyls – organic compounds, with high probability indicating the presence of microbes or other living organisms.

7. In 2003, on the surface of Europe, a satellite of Jupiter, discovered sulfur compounds, which may be traces of bacteria, akin to bacteria that live in the ice of Antarctica.

8. In 2003, the telescope in Puerto Rico caught a strong signal from the area located between the constellations Pisces and Aries, where there are no stars with planets suitable for life.

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