Civilization and geniuses. Part 2

22 Dec

Continuing discourse on civilization, favorite topics outlined above, telling:
The climate of Manchuria (now absorbed by
gave birth to her Chinese civilization) flourished in the beginning of Saros (600-1200
gg.). Geniuses place titanida Mnemosina and titanium Krohn, numbers 4 and 7. Hardly it
has a chance of rebirth and survival. But underneath convert Chinese
civilization in the region, she continues.
The climate of Mongolia (the genius of the place Titans
Iapet and Kron, numbers 5 and 7), initially wholly dependent culturally
of Tibeto-Buddhist culture, then to a large extent become
Chinese character (13-15 cc.). Characteristic features of human communities that
area – ethnogenesis and violence. In addition, the commonality in the second half
6. (First Göktürks) and the second 13 in third. (kaganat Chingizids)
dominated almost all of the Hyperborean belt, but to save, colonize and
unable to master his own view of the weakness of civilizational impulse.
Mongolia mothballed higher stage of barbarism, has not reached in this
Saros stage of civilization.

The climate of Kazakhstan and Western Siberia
(genius of the place titanida Tetiya and titanium Krohn, numbers 6 and 7) gave several
original cultures of the upper stage of barbarism, the post-Mongol period, but
reach the level of civilization could not. Culturally, they have always been
dependent on the Tibetan-Buddhist and the India-Central Asian world. From 16-17
cc. This climate has got into the powerful influence of the Slavo-Germanic civilization, and
still remains in this area.

In the Cimmerian climate (WA 30-60, 45-75
School, genius loci, one titanium Krohn, numbers 7 and 7) tried to introduce their
colonial and child forms Orient (Khazar Khanate with the ideology of Judaism in
680-900 years., Arabic Caliphate with the ideology Mahometanism 640-740-s.,
Muslim Golden Horde 1320-s-1420’s.) and Mongolia (Göktürks in
550-630 years. and the Golden Horde in 1222-1325 gg.). Mongolian and Oriental forms,
in fact, on the verge of barbarism and civilization, were eventually
persist and persist only their peripheral survivals (Tatar Kazan and Crimea).

civilizing role in the development of Hyperborean belt played
Germanic, Slavic Civilization (Kingdom is 250-370 years.,
Kievan Rus-Novgorod 800-1200 gg.), Which forces Muscovy in
between 1550 and 1650. colonized and has mastered all Hyperborean times
Eastern Hemisphere (genius of places – Tetiya, Iapet, Mnemosina, Kriya, Foyba, the number
6, 5, 4, 3, 2) and Alaska (genius of the place Foyba and Hyperion, the numbers 2 and 1).

Russia —
biggest success Germansko-Slavic civilization in the Old World, as
covers the entire Hyperborean times until the eastern Pacific (Alexander
Macedonia, for example, could not Hellenize Indian subcontinent and China), almost
confined to the Orient. Russia assimilated oriental and Mongolian colonial
Education Khazars, the Golden Horde (Astrakhan, Kazan, Crimea), Siberian

Russia in the last half-century of the Saros restoring autocracy and Orthodoxy,
the world will reveal once again the Byzantine-Sassanid military and administrative
femno-satrapnoe device and extreme forms of religious obscurantism (all —
Crohn’s gifts). Until the mid-21 at. Russ will lead a shameful existence.
Around 2050’s. in the Don region and the Azov Sea will invade Germanic peoples.
Then followed another inglorious century. But the genius of Crohn give Russia invincible
overcoming force. Rise of Russia will take place between 2167 and 2175 years. Russia will return many
from their natural areas: Eastern Ukraine, Taurian Peninsula.
Russian troops will victoriously overcome the Danube. In 2200-2250 gg. Rus
conquer and master the Western Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Romania and Hungary.
The victorious trip to Istanbul on a diagonal path from Belgrade will have
place about 2241-2247 years. Going to Paris about 2250 and will bring many
glory. Then there will be mass migration of peoples from the Don region and the Azov Sea in
area between the Dniester and the Middle Danube.

Southern region
Russian Plain and prairie Ukraine will be won by people from Mongolia
around 2367,
but this rule will continue for several decades.

Climate Germano-Slavic civilization (the genius of the place Theia, Foyba, Atlanta and
Kron, number 8, 9 and 7) is a barbaric form of joyless sex in the period when
Judeo-Christian ideology more than a thousand years (400-1500 gg.). Obscurantism
revealed to Hecate, fanatical cruelty – Kron. Here, as in Mongolia,
process of transition from barbarism to civilization occurred painful and agonizing
slowly, not because but in spite of the dominant ideology. Only the victory of the Judeo-Masonic
ideology of Catholicism gave Germano-Slavic civilization
the necessary momentum and real
civilizing impulse.

As a result,
Germany and colonized civilization has mastered not only the band Evribii
(Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and Ireland), almost interrupting
many thousands of original development of the Celtic civilization western
tip Hyperborean belt of the Old World, but also Iceland, Greenland
(genius of the place titans Coy and Krohn, numbers 11 and 7), Canada (genius of the place titanida
Themis, Titan Ocean, titanida Rhea and titanium Krohn, numbers 12, 13, 14 and 7). Canada —
great success of Germanic civilization in the New World.

colonial Anglo-French form of civilization went Hyperborean limits
and implemented Mesogeysky are the New World, giving rise to civilization, United States
(English and French colonies of Louisiana). USA – bizarre hybrid
colonial gesperiyskoy civilization (Spanish, Latin American) and
Hyperborean Franco-British (Louisiana and the American colonies). Condition modern
U.S. Transition, Hyperborean civilization eventually will be completely replaced
colonial Mesoamerican civilization (Latin), which
only organic Mesogeyskom belt in the New World.

way, Hyperborean Germanic-Slavic civilization, a derivative of mesogeyskoy
Roman-Byzantine, was
dominant throughout the Hyperborean belt of the Old World (Russia) and the New
Light (Canada, Alaska). The height of this civilization reached in the 19. In
the first third of the 20 th century collapsed material and spiritual values
Masonic Europe. In 1930-1940-ies. Nazism and Stalinism were the first
negative reaction to the Masonic ideology. Bright hope of the second half
20 at. gave way to despair and fall of the spirit. Most of the nations of the climate
has no more sovereignty, economic and political dependence on the United States and
Israel. The main feature of the mentality of most modern
Germanic and Slavic peoples – cowardly servility.

Roman-Byzantine and Hyperborean Germano-Slavic civilization is
reside on the verge of great upheaval. New spirit will rise germanskogo
in the last half century, the outgoing Saros.

Already in the first
21 in the quarter. begin a new onslaught of Germanic civilization in eastern
direction. By the mid 21 century. will be finally assimilated or wiped out some
Slavic peoples (Czechs, Poles, Western Ukrainians).

By 2050, the Germans possess
Northern Black Sea from Odessa to Taganrog. Then there will be a breakthrough
Germanic troops and settlers in Russia (to be emptied Rostov-on-Don,
Germany established a colony on the Taman peninsula). From there, the Germans commit more
devastating invasions in the Caucasus and Eastern Anatolia. Around 2067-2075
gg. Germans to inhabit upland Tavricheskogo Taman Peninsula, which will
maintain its self is 1200 years.

In the last
22 in the third. will decline Germanskoy civilization. In 2167-2175 gg. Germans
be expelled from the Russian Black Sea coast of the northern territory of Romania
and Bulgaria. In 2200-2210 gg. Russian expel the Germans from Romania and Bulgaria
Italy, France and Spain. There Germanic peoples create several barbarian
kingdoms in the first half of the 23 at. feral on the ruins of the Roman and Byzantine
Gesperiyskoy civilizations.

In East
hemisphere Mesembriyskogo belts in the current Saros (600-2400) any such new
Centers conditionally generating economies: Cameroon and Congo, Africa countries
Horn (Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen), Dean and Ceylon,
Indonesia and Malaysia, Papua. Mesembriysky belt in its climate
givens unfavorable for the development of civilization.

I note particularly the Indonesian and Malaysian civilizations
in the past Saros nothing special about not stand out and is a subsidiary of
to civilization Indica and Serik. This civilization in the current Saros
can become the center of the new anthropogenes (as genius loci Iapet, numbers 5 and

In West
hemisphere have some development Oriental Maghreb and Morocco (no thanks
but in spite of Islam), and most importantly, flourished Andean
civilization (Inca). In the 16. most of the Amazon and the Andes have been mastered and
gesperiyskoy colonized by the Spanish-Portuguese civilization. This Andean civilization
(titanium Iapet and titanida Themis) will host a new anthropogenesis and new forms of
law and justice.

In Notiyskom
belt in the Saros any such epicenters of possible future development:
Eastern Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra) and the North New Zealand
(Wellington), Central Australia (Melbourne) and Tasmania;
West Australian (Perth), Madagascar and Mozambique, Angola and South Africa.

I note particularly the Central Australian Center for nucleation
civilization. The genius of the place titanida Mnemosina, number 4 and 4. There will be a world center of arts and
mathematical sciences in the new Saros.

hemisphere showed to this Saros Brazilian
gesperiyskuyu colonial origin civilization (genius of the place and Coy
Mnemosina, number 11 and 4), which is rapidly removed from gesperiyskih bases.
Brazilian civilization and in the future will dominate in the mathematical
науках и во многих искусствах.

Gipernotiyskom belt, noting the emergence in the Saros island
Southern New Zealand civilization, the genius of the place there is a titanium Kriyas (number 3
and 3). This island civilization will be the most militant of all, ever
existed, it would dominate the skies, the seas and on land.

Deity as
to play, bring to the first place one and then another civilization. Change
alternating hegemony and landmarks in the world is constantly. But there is nothing
this once and for all. It makes no sense to attempt to impose forms of civilization
a climate in other, especially distant from him. Even in the case of full military
victory and civilizing forms, got into an alien environment, rapidly
transformed and identified with the eternal stereotypes place.

ridiculous prozhekt plantation Hyperborean gesperiyskih and images of life in
oriental Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan.

Even if
wiping out all the Russian, settle Hyperborean are industrious Germans or
servility of the Poles, they are a couple of generations to acquire all the characteristic
features of Russian mentality, due geniuses place.

Failure to understand this cosmic order and persistent opposition to it
may entail only the fall and the collapse of civilizations, especially
recalcitrant in such delusions.

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