4 scenarios of human evolution

31 Dec

Scientists disagree about whether to continue the evolution of man, wrote Luigi Bignami the pages of La Repubblica. National Geographic Magazine wondered about the future of mankind from an evolutionary point of view: whether people will develop further, or the process has been completed? The publication offers readers four basic scenarios.

In accordance with the first, the evolution has been completed. Supporter of this hypothesis is Jan Tattersoll, an anthropologist at the Museum of Natural History in New York. Scientists say that in accordance with the theory of the evolution of genetic innovation can take place only among isolated populations. And as people spread across the planet rather broadly, it is unlikely that a specific genetic change would be common to all mankind.

According to other scholars, human evolution can last for quite a while. In one published study, researchers at Yale University, set forth the hypothesis that women in the future will be less high and stronger. That is the conclusion the researchers came upon information that women with similar characteristics born today has more children than women with other physical data.

The third hypothesis of human development is no longer associated with the biological and technological factors. Nick Boston, director of the Institute of the future man at Oxford University, believes that humanity will increasingly become the subject of cloning, artificial genetic modification, nanotechnology. According to this vision, a man of the future will be, or super-soldier, or superatletom, compared with which the modern man – nothing. And immortality will be achieved so that the brain will be scanned atom by atom, in other words, the brain can be put into a computer that is able to live “forever”, write more

According to another version, the evolution of man can continue in the era of colonization of other planets. John Hawks, an anthropologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, suggests that people there will be so isolated, that it will allow it to evolve to adapt to new worlds. But most likely, he will not tell anyone about it.

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