Worlds Alfred Bester

Bad literary rebel and nonconformist, dreaming to arrange the next revolution in fiction, if some of its desktop no books novels by Alfred Bester. The future masters of the “new wave” just learned to spell “zhY-shY” and Bester have defied society musty little world of Anglo-American SF his “fireworks” designs. Parents’ Cyberpunks “still soiled diaper, and he fiercely and passionately described the life of the city at the bottom of a future world ruled by giant multinational companies. Most of those “rebellious” NF XX century are rooted precisely in his work – even, perhaps, in works of Theodor Stradzhona, also knew the sense of shocking. Alfred Bester wrote a little almost all of its fantastic fit on a projected four, released ten years ago the publishing house “Polaris”. From Jules “to instruct, entertain, he had gone already in his earliest novels, such as” Slaves of the ray of life “or” Rabid molecule. This was followed by a ten-year break, after which Bester returned to fiction updated – matured, posurovevshy, definitely knows that the NF can be adult literature, it is difficult to deal with serious issues without any discount for the genre. It is to this period belong two of his most famous novel: “Tiger!” Tiger! ” and “Man Without a Face.” Two other novel Bester would cause no less resonance, but by the time they were born, Anglo-American fiction was filled with the works of the angry young men “and the classic book somehow got lost in the noise. Meanwhile, Bester continued writing NF entire life: his latest novel, “Psiholavka”, was completed after the death of the author Roger Zelazny. Perhaps it is the only big thing is a fantastic writer, not included in the series “Worlds of Alfred Bester …

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