Unknown “Golden Section”

19 Nov

Are the pyramids in the proportions of the “golden section” generator of life? There was a time, one of the main television stations showed us eccentric, which sponsors the money he built a house of unusual design – in the form of badly stretched up the pyramid. After a while in his home come for journalists which the owner of the house showed it to tell how comfortable a person in this room, as plants grow incredibly quickly, and how long is not spoiled in the vessels of water. Miracles, and more! These abnormal phenomena has his point of view, Professor of Theoretical Physics, Novgorod State University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Igor Lanz – There are numerous publications on the influence of geometric shapes of the bodies on the physical, chemical and biological phenomena.
Thus, placement within the cavity having the shape of the pyramid of Cheops (also referred to as pyramids Drbalau) or a hornet’s nest, place a very strange phenomenon: self-sharpen dull razor blades, with metal objects are removed oxides, vegetables and fruits for a long time does not deteriorate, and quality of human blood his state of health. Even in ancient times, our ancestors knew that the preservation of food is best achieved in a hut (the inverse image of the pyramid) – if the food hung at approximately 2 / 3 of its height. Incidentally, in the villages still under the ridge of the hut hung bundles of onions, ham and other supplies where they are perfectly preserved .- As far as I know, the curiosity of enthusiastic researchers and scientists to the knowledge of the essence of these phenomena has provoked the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt … – At the Great Cheops pyramid, perhaps encrypted with some fundamental numerical values. For example, the ratio of the base of the pyramid to its height, divided in half, gives the number of “Pi” (the ratio of circumference to its diameter). This is the number of states in the ancient Egyptian Rhind Papyrus, kept in the British Museum in London. Perhaps it was deliberately hidden in the size of the pyramid of Cheops, and with a more precise meaning than it knew Archimedes, who lived later in the 2 thousand let.S pyramids connected with lots of secrets and mysteries. American scientists have calculated that in the pyramids shown up to 150 different amazing effects. For example, the Czech inventor Drbal received a patent on the original device to maintain razor sharpness. In a small pyramid, collected from dielectrics, after shaving spread blade, and the field recovers its mechanical and physical properties. Because of this invisible “sharpening” one blade on the average, you can use more than one hundred times! In the same Czech larger pyramids are used to store perishable foods instead of the refrigerator. Wire pyramids used even for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases .- I think that the church has managed to grace for a man to use “effect of the form”? – Absolutely. Shipunov, head of the Laboratory of the physical phenomena of the Institute of the lithosphere, using instrumentation experimentally

found that the domes of the churches radiate enormous energy. Temples are built on elevated ground in the so-called geokomfortnyh zones, dome shaped lukovok and makovok. Scientific studies have shown that this form is ideal for the concentration of beneficial energy. The ancient architects were well aware of such “effects of shape” as they are called modern physics. Studies using radar showed that over the dome (as well as over the pyramids) is fixed pole energy of unknown physical nature. Its height is several kilometers. In the area of the column is often observed in cloudy weather, the windows of transparency of the atmosphere ( “God’s eye”). One configuration can destroy people’s health, the other – to strengthen. And in an Orthodox church, studies have shown that all the elements of a beneficial effect on mental state of parishioners, improving their bioenergetics .- published an article by a certain Mr. Hunger “Pyramids in the proportions of the Golden Section – the generator of life”, in which the author convinces us that the shape of a pyramid – is a panacea for all the inclement weather and misfortunes that beset people in life. How would you, Igor Avenirovich, commented on the position of the author of the article? – Is surprising that the author considers pyramid panacea for all human ills. That is, creates a new idol. Not by accident, apparently, the word “Pyramid”, “Space”, “Man” the author writes with a capital letter. A statement that a person can constantly increase the measure of harmony near-Earth space – the deification of man, the author admits the distortion and the distortion of the meaning of the Bible. Inspirituality Rights and fall of morality, in particular, relate to the curvature of space, and not with sin. The author, “we are not trying to build a pyramid to the rank of Panacea” manifestly contrary to his own transfer efficiency of the pyramids in all cases zhizni.Kak all easy! Ponastroit pyramids, placed in their scope of people – and all humanity’s problems will be solved. The question arises, why not urge people to churches, de not only acts in “the effect of shape, but the grace of God, and besides the faithful are taught to distinguish between good and evil. “Sublime logic” of the author does not fit into any logic. It is pure paganism in the spirit of the Roerich and the New Age. Fruits of the Spirit, which nourishes the author, lead to nowhere …

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