The superintendent of the universe – who is he? Creator?

01 Nov

Why are based on the laws of open science can not explain the origin of the universe, life and mind? It is difficult to believe, but probably one reason: that we are taught about in school, universities, as written by people who dedicate their lives to science, in most cases – a fairy tale. After all, in science much of what is considered to be unshakable – just a theory, which according to most scientists. But the majority is not always right. So tomorrow there will be new hypotheses, and textbooks will be rewritten. So gradually we selected for the truth, which is still far away …

One of the characteristics of our time – the desire anything and everything to prove. Even the truth, which people believed in the millennium. Believed and did not look for evidence. Now look for evidence of the reality of life after death, the existence of the other world, and even the Creator. However, studies conducted with the help of our senses and instruments adapted to these senses. All that is beyond our perception, is declared non-existent or mystical nonsense. Is this true?

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