The legend says that 60 thousand years ago

15 Nov

City Truhiro was founded in the 6 th century Spanish kankistadorami. Our miracle is located 5 kilometers from Truhiro. on the Pacific coast. in northern Peru.
The legend says that 60 thousand years ago, it created a god by the name Ninalag, who emerged from the ocean. Once the city was covered with gold. It was the capital of the mighty Chimu empire, which stretched for 900 miles along the coast of Peru to the north, almost to Ecuador.
700 years ago, Chan Chan was one of the largest cities in the world. It takes more than 12 square kilometers. Its broad streets are protected by high walls. Once these walls were decorated with expensive panels with embossed, but they are long gone.

The city suffered from the elements. but there’s still enough. to see what wonderful builders were Chimu.

The town consisted of ten separate strongholds, each of which was divided from each other by walls. Decorated walls differed painted and used as protection from the elements, as well as a defensive structure and insulation, so the spacecraft was made out of clay.
The houses were built very competently. Summer are cool. warm in winter. Samamnye provides a wonderful roof insulation – ingenious device by which the houses maintained the same temperature regardless of weather conditions. Chimu worshiped nature. reflected in the figures. carved on the walls. Some walls decorated with images of gods. and among them – pelicans.
Even the ventilation of the roof has the form of fishing nets.
Images of birds and fish displays reverent relationship Chinu to the sea. And the broken lines represent the wave. The very state of Chan Chan was dependent on irrigation and on what gave the sea, it is not surprising – Chimu worshiped the water. But the Inca empire, crushed the forces of nature are not. and the king of the Incas, who built Machu Picchu.

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