Secrets of the Third Planet

09 Nov

Our newspaper has already informed its readers about the existence of an unusual new way of thinking of the Academy, which is examining the unknown. We continue the conversation with its president, Yuri ZABRODOTSKIM. Today’s talk is devoted to the riddles of the Egyptian pyramids and “surgery” in the solar system. Yuri, say that the ancient pyramids of only seven extant wonders of the world have put the researchers another riddle. It turned out that the meat was placed in an experiment inside the pyramid, not spoiled, but above-zero temperatures. Noticed and even more strange effect: blunt needle after some time there is an acute, self-sharpen it. How do you explain this? The fact that the pyramids were built, to put it simplistically, on a “golden” cross-section when the basis for multiple dimensions of the walls was taken to the “golden” number of F, equal to 1, 6,180,339,889 meters. This pyramid is achieved within three-dimensional conditions that suppress the disease-causing micro-organisms, including those that cause the process of decay. As the needle is sharpened under the influence of the field, the nature of which official science is not yet clear. But even at school, we know that the “golden” number of F was discovered by Pythagoras much later, only in the sixth century BC … Not so long ago, on wooden panels recovered from the tomb of the ancient Egyptian architect Hess-Ra, who lived during the reign of Pharaoh Dzhossera (XXVII century BC), were extracted wooden boards, panels, covered with beautiful carvings on the one hand, and the other subtle geometric schemes. Photos carvings have been published, and circuits have not appeared in the mass media. Meanwhile, to all appearances, that unknown developers have tried thus transfer their knowledge to future generations. And what of it? Be something that we are talking about the so-called Russian matrix. Excuse me! Russian Matrix in Ancient Egypt? ! And what a concept? In a nutshell: it is an endless field of interconnected power numbers, based on a number of “golden” number. With this universal matrix, which is able to modulate only the most powerful computers, the priests of ancient Egypt to build not only the best, most complex structures, but also control various material processes. But why, then, the matrix is called Russian? The fact that only the Russian fathoms rather than the Western European measure of length multiple of the “golden” number FI similar matrix is obtained, if appropriate proportsionirovat fathoms method of successive bisection. However, this more in detail in the scientific work of my colleagues Anatolia Chernyaeva and Svetlana Tarasova, published by the International Academy of Informatization. Yuri, from the above you might conclude that the Russian fathoms and a matrix, found in the tomb of the Hess-Ra are the same source. Absolutely

true. There are reports that a Napoleon on his Egyptian campaign had brought to France from the lining of the pyramids, with text on it was in Russian. By the way, and the most ancient monument of human writing clay tablets found in Crete indecipherable only with the help of the Russian language. It turns out that Egypt had once belonged to a large Slavonic state? More precisely, the Slavo-Turkic. But that is no excuse to beat his chest and scream that we arias. It is not functional. Civilization must learn how to draw the right conclusions, that is not re-invent the wheel, as it was, say, the same number of F, “open,” Pythagoras, or with America, supposedly “discovered” by Columbus in 1492. Or take an example. In the same building of the pyramids were not used blocks of stone, brought by slaves for hundreds of miles, and applied technology of manufacturing blocks in place. I’ll show you a brick of unburnt soil mixture, in which a ligament, only five per cent of cement. This brick elementary would make any craftsman, and for the reconstruction of lost technology, our Academy awarded diplomas at the All-Russia Exhibition of 1996. Would you like to hold? (Brick proved to be extremely heavy and strong. As granite. Even hard to imagine that such blocks are formed so the Egyptian pyramids. By the way, like a brick under the influence of time is not destroyed, and becomes firmer and firmer …) The problem of mankind in the that it lacks the memory of the species, continues to Yuri. And this is especially true today, when the process of nature gives us a chance to continue the development of human civilization. Explain, please. The current terrestrial civilization is a little faster than the previous one, is already outdated, Mars. While terrestrial civilization child, repeating past mistakes of his older brother: local wars, environmental problems. But by 2003 we will reach the ceiling, which ended with the development of a Martian civilization and the Earth will move into a qualitatively new phase of evolution. By the way, as it may seem strange in this new phase the values of which Dostoevsky wrote, will acquire all mankind, the global value. Russia wakes up after a knock-down, will be able to concentrate the strength, balance the spiritual and the material well-being in the image of Holy Cross and carry light to the world of love, the light of Orthodoxy. Today in the throes of terrible conditions are being created in the process … It turns out that the Martian sphinx, the riddle of the creation of which has not allowed the official science, man-made? But why did the stopped life on Mars? Approximately every five billion years the sun creates a new planet, leaving the planet shifted on one orbit. Before Mars has held the Earth’s orbit, and when there was a shift, he retired from the Sun and his place was taken by the Earth. A life in everyday biological sense is possible only on the third planet from the Sun, where there

water, atmosphere. Suffer the fate of Mars and Earth, and then its orbit noticeable Venus and Mars postponed to the orbit of Jupiter. But it will happen no sooner than sixteen and a half thousand years. Up to this point we need to have time to increase knowledge of their civilization, and to transmit them to the future of civilization. After all, in nature nothing is mortal, death is only a transition into another phase of functionality. Again according to the law of the cross or the law cycle that, in principle, the same thing.

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