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This miracle is in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan. 2000 years ago in this way were merchants, carrying silk from the east. This large market town situated almost in the middle of the Great Silk Road and known as the pearl of the East. Samarkand – a city of the great conqueror Tamerlane, who in turn would be a descendant of the great conqueror Chingie Khan. His body lies under the jade plate – the place for burial of the most powerful rulers of that time.
Tamerlane has created an empire. which stretched from Turkey to northern India.
History tells us that during his rule, killed 17 million people.

Cruel ruler Tamerlane or Timur was also the patron of the arts. This is evidenced by the beautiful building. which he built in his capital city – Samarkand.
The greatness of Tamerlane buildings not only in their size and magnificence, but also in the smallest detail. Even such trifles as the tiles were made with great love.
This miracle of Samarkand. which give the buildings Tamerlane unique. unique features, such as that anywhere anymore. Tiles around here. An amazing variety of colors – blue, yellow, black .. In light of the sun intricate pattern of domes and arches glittering and shimmering. Multi-colored, glazed tiles are found everywhere in the domain of Tamerlane.

These tiles are made of very rare and solid clay. that after firing seem transparent.

These traditions persist to this day. Here the clay is mixed. before you start forming. Then the tiles are carefully painted by hand. After firing, the color changes dramatically.

Tiles Tamerlane, transfigured by the fire – a bright piece transfigured Tamerlane distinctive style of Samarkand

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