It is unlikely that you will meet this person at the table of the president. But among them many creative and artistic people. They have little ambition, they practically do not aspire to power and leadership of other people, even the wealth does not attract their attention. Some of them are money, but more often when they get married on the “money” or inherit them. Note that they are not against the money as such, they will gladly take them, just fish better than others aware of the temporary nature of money. They do not want to be millionaires, they want to live like millionaires – this is their philosophy. Heart of a typical fish does not … …. but it is the lack of strength or almost carelessness about tomorrow. They can not fight and swim against the tide, which are. They are much more common, because it requires less effort, go with the flow, wherever it may lead them. But in that swimming downstream hidden trap – they will be dangerous hook: lost lives. On you produce a great charm of his manners and a lazy good nature. He is indifferent to all kinds of restrictions in life, if they do not interfere with him to swim his course. It is even more indifferent to the opinion of other people. This is generally indifferent sign to many important things. Very little can make them act. Of course, we can not say that Robert completely blind, she has character. If it finally withdraw from itself, it can be bitingly sarcastic. They may be irritated to beat its tail and let the circles on the water. The typical RV usually follows the path of least resistance, but the cold waters of Neptune’s always cool her anger. She loves water and other beverages. Many of them drink more spirits more than the norm. As Scorpio and Cancer Pisces like alcohol. Very few RV can come to a cocktail and leave it at that. Most RV was a relief to alcohol. It lulls them a pleasant feeling of security, but it is a dangerous lullabies. All this does not mean that every RV is an alcoholic, but the percentage is too high among them.

The fish is born with the desire to see the world in pink light. She knows that mankind has the unpleasant side, and she prefers to live in their watery world tender. And, indeed, terrible to watch as they plunge into their utopian dreams that do not have the slightest hint of implementation. When life hits them and they suffer setbacks, rather than jump out of this danger, they begin to hide behind the pale-green illusions that impede adoption of a practical solution. Outcast R. and instead of actually looking at the situation, begins to create a false hope, this time as it would be necessary to take any decision and go for a new and specific ways. This could lead to real success of the fish, and not imaginary. They have a choice: to swim in different currents – up and down. This choice is always before them, because shortage of talent in fish no. But many of them trudnovt lies in the fact that they can not look ahead. Their eyes are located on each side), and most of them therefore prefer to swim down and often recede.

Fish do not tolerate any criticism. They have an excellent memory. For each fish life – it is a huge scene, among them many of the really talented people. They have the ability to anticipate. It would be nice to listen to their advice. Fish – a sign of death and eternity in the Zodiac, because it is the last sign. This is a 12 mark and therefore nature is a mixture of all the other characters.

Typical fish never cares about himself. She spends much of his energy helping relatives and friends, slinging over their burden.

Fish should try to refrain from various tonics and sedatives, trouble and fatigue. Poor nutrition affects the health of their liver and digestive organs. There are cases of arms and legs, frequent colds, flu, pneumonia. But a fish is the internal resistance to disease.

Humor – it is one of the secret weapons. They laugh to hide her tears. This is a master of satire. They can express their subtle observation. Their humor can be as warm and friendly, and cold and hard. They have a strong sense of compassion and a desire to help the sick and weak. Help – the first instinct of fish.

They hate to answer the question directly “yes” and “no”, preferring to say “maybe”. They are generally very often equivocate no particular reason. In fish all illusory. Their nature can not be clearly described. Those who want to love her, should call for help all his imagination to realize its plans and strange emotions. They are stronger and wiser than suggest themselves, but Neptune keeps it a secret until the fish itself does not reveal it.

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