Mysterious paranormal phenomena (Part 2)

22 Nov

Near-death experience – a personal experience of people at the time of clinical death. This phenomenon may be the answer to many questions about the possibility of life after death. Many survivors of clinical death, claim that such a life there .
Dying experience include psychological, physiological and transcendental aspects. Despite the fact that different people have different describe what is happening to them after the state of clinical death, much is common to all:
1. clear understanding that you were dead;
2. tactile sensations – a very unpleasant sound (noise);
3. pleasant emotions: serenity and peace;
4. feeling out of the body, floating above his body and observation of others;
5. sense of moving up through a bright tunnel of light or a narrow passage;
6. meeting with deceased relatives or spiritual persons;
7. encounter with a creature of light (often interpreted as a deity);
8. consideration episodes past life;
9. achievement of borders or boundaries;
10. sense of reluctance to return to the body;
11. feeling of warmth, despite the lack of clothing.

We also know that in certain cases, experience, following the seventh stage, in contrast, is extremely unpleasant.
Community of people experiencing paranormal phenomena or studying them more open to the interpretation of near-death experiences as evidence of the existence of the afterlife. In turn, scientists often interpret this phenomenon as hallucinations or fantasy.
In 2008, Britain began a study in which will be studied 1,600 patients who experienced clinical death. The study involved 25 hospitals in the United Kingdom and the United States.
ghostly twins
In the literature, doppelgengery (German doppelganger – ¬ędouble) is a demonic twins of people opposed to a guardian angel. Appearance doppelgengera often heralds the death of the hero. Despite the fact that they assumed it was a literary character, there are several historical sources, indirectly proving the existence of these creatures.
One such is the evidence of Queen Elizabeth I, a chronicler recorded shortly before her death. According to the queen, she saw herself lying on the bed of her bedroom, more precisely, its counterpart, which, she says, was very pale.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe saw his own double, dressed in a gray suit, trimmed with gold, when riding a horse in the direction of Drusenhaym (Drusenheim). It’s double drove in the opposite direction. Eight years later, during a trip from Drusenhayma on the same road, Goethe remarked that it was the same exact costume as seen by him on the double.
It is known that Catherine II also saw its copy, heading in her direction. Frightened, she ordered the soldiers to shoot her.
Unusual case, having a similar nature, as happened to Abraham Lincoln: reflection, what he saw in the mirror had two faces. Being a superstitious man, Lincoln a long time to remember what they see

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