Mysterious Island

30 Nov

One hundred years ago we went from Jules Verne, when life had time to become a cult figure in science fiction. Verne was not the first writer, enthusiastically sing the praises of science and progress, but it was he who made the literature about the “miracles of science” phenomenon is truly massive. Amazingly it was the time – when the well-educated French writer’s non-existent differences between the study of insects in the wilds of Africa and of the sea bed by means of “Nautilus”, between searching for the missing captain and the flight to the moon … All seemed well within reach and is fantastic. Including the construction of an ideal society based on those “miracles of science” – as in the novel “Mysterious Island”. Today, when belief in the possibility of progress trampled boots of the soldiers of the two World Wars, the novels of Jules Verne seem ridiculous and naive, often overloaded with “scientific-pop” for a hundred years old … But despite this they continue to demand – and readers, and publishers, and even filmmakers who then “Journey to the Center of the Earth” are organizing, the “Around the world in eighty days” we rolled. By “Mystery Island”, though, quite a while none of kinobratii not appealed. But in vain: the nuclear “paropank” could turn out abruptly “Turkish Gambit”.

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