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30 Nov

Every corner of the Earth has its own unique history, immortalized in the surviving monuments that have become landmarks for their contemporaries. Each invisible to the eye piece of sand on the planet holds the message of bygone days, recalling the unsolved mystery of the world, which has not the strength to grasp materialistic civilization.

In the Krasnodar Territory are scattered thousands of stone enigmas, which, along with megalithic Europe and Asia still remain the focus of world archeology. These structures are called “dolmens”, which translated from Breton (province of Brittany in France) means “stone table”, and refer to the 2.4 millennia BC

Dolmen is a chamber built of huge monolithic stones weighing several tons, covered by a flat plate, oriented to the cardinal. On the front side has a round hole, which at one time was covered with stone stopper. But this kind of traffic jams are unlikely to somewhere now available. They were willing to profit from long-destroyed and dismantled for souvenirs curious seekers of antiquities.

Now in the Caucasus is known about 3 000 dolmens, but the data is constantly working on the territory of the expeditions, there are about 10 000.

Appointment of mysterious megalithic structures

Scientists may one year scratching their heads over the fact, which meant these unusual stone structures. Some believe that these mysterious peers Egyptian pyramids were tombs of ancient rulers, chiefs and priests, since some of them were found buried remains. Others put forward the story of the kind of portals through which the movement took place in other spaces. Some researchers attribute it to that in the dolmens of the monks of the ancient walled worship, a dark retreat.

Some attributed the appearance of dolmens in the lines of force of the Earth, in which the intersections where there are greatest amount of energy, set unique tag in the form of cameras (they dolmens), accumulating this energy. In confirmation of this fact there are indications stored on the internal walls of buildings petroglyphs in the form of item that should be taken for passage of the prisoners inside the energy flows.

There are versions of the use of dolmens as altars, on the smooth roof of which lighted the sacrificial fire and placed offerings to ancient gods and spirits. Complexes dolmens were religious temples, which were used for burial later.

There is absolutely fantastic version of the once living giants and dwarfs, when huge men of compassion built massive squat buildings for undersized people. Therefore, the local population Adygs called dolmens “sssypp-una”, ie dwarf house.

Perhaps all theories are in some way truthful. Each subsequent ethnic groups, the mystical buildings, use them in accordance with their ideas and feelings.

In one version of the meet, there is no need to tempt fate and climb into the dolmens. Scientists remind the curse of the Egyptian pyramids, mystics and psychics – the ignorance of modern man who has lost the conjugation with the world and sensitivity to understand what kind of energy that lies in the mysterious stone structures.

Secrets of the construction of dolmens

Enigmatic and remains an incredible fact of how the ancient people who did not know the wheels, and who had, apparently, written language, were able to construct these monolithic, smoothly hewn buildings, some had even been carved pattern, how they moved these boulders weighing several tons, and evenly stacked so that each wall of stone chambers fit snugly without extra glue to the next.

It also found a variety of versions ranging from the simple, according to which the material for construction was taken in the stone quarries located nearby, until the use of the laser, which nidge, pyrography, and even moved the stone slabs.

It should recognize the fact that the builders of antiquity were not only familiar with the features of temple construction, but also has a rather deep mathematical knowledge as to create such impressive structures, especially for the round in terms of dolmens were required complex mathematical calculations.

Dolmen Krasnodar Krai

Dolmen scattered around the coastline of the Krasnodar Territory. There are both wild, located in the dense forest thickets, where it is impossible to get on any transport, except on foot, and well-maintained, protected, around which divided the farms, and summed up the paved path, rehabilitated parking lot and a cafe.

Dolmen village Pshada

One of the most popular places to visit dolmen is a peasant-farming “Dolmen”, situated at the end of the village Pshada if you see our federal highway, on which points no billboard image displayed on the sides of the highway passing through the village Pshada.

Before entering into the economy is a guarded parking lot, where you can park your car for free, though he entrance to look at the dolmen, fee: Adults – 100 rubles, for children – 50 [1] . Also at the entrance you can buy souvenirs in the form of dolmens and literature about these mysterious megaliths. Advised to take cheap pamphlets of local production, in particular on the farm and located on its territory dolmens, the rest can safely get in esoteric stores in Moscow [2] at a much cheaper price. Gift, too, should not hurry, since most area farms built a number of shopping, where you can pick up any tangible reminder of the journey.

At the entrance is located just to the left of an apiary, where you can select different varieties of honey for every taste. It should not be forgotten that in the places of pilgrimage and clusters of tourists prices are always in 1,5-2 times higher.

If you are tired and hungry, here you can also eat on the spot and relax in the shade of a spacious eatery. However, we provided food is not very inspired, declared in the promotional booklets range was narrowed to a simple set of heated dishes, so we were content with their food. Although, as they say, taste and color …

Throughout the set pointers, guides to the existing facilities, so it is not possible to get lost. Practically everywhere paved path leading to the dolmens, well-groomed grass, placed stone beds.

Oh, and another small board, it is best to go in the morning hours of 8-9, when the sun is not frying, and least of all tourists, scurrying, who one by one, who in the tour group led by seasoned book-learning guides, one megalithic to another. But if you still hit the same “rush hour”, do not worry, you can quietly join the group of tourists to hear the story of the dolmens, and dense thickets rescued from burning rays of the sun.

In the farm is located just four dolmens, as it turned out later with proper consultation with whom, this quantity is more than enough for one visit. In this kind of field strength above all tune in to the surrounding space, to stop the internal dialogue and to follow their inner feelings. So we did, without knowing how the first thing turned out to be a master territory dolmens named “Thor”, which is the largest dolmens economy, orients the individual to achieve the intended goal.

Thor stands on a hill in an open space cleared. If you just look at it is nothing special and you can not see: the stone box with a roof and a round hole. Much more interesting to enjoy the intricate architectural buildings of Paris and Venice, but these stone chambers antiquity continue to attract thousands of tourists, and not only from .

They say you need to touch that energy dolmens passed through the man and worked with him accordingly. People mindlessly touching the stone, take pictures, climb inside, unable to stop and feel, to understand the game’s ongoing reality.

Freeze for some time, touch the dolmens, sonastroytes with him, close your eyes and feel his song. You will carry the vibration to form a stationary stone blocks, covered with a powerful energy wave, filling the heroic strength and crystal clarity of consciousness. External world with its noise and bustle fades into the background, opening the door to the mysterious and incomprehensible reality.

Then on a whim, we headed to the dolmens “Tenderness”, a spirit which helps in all matters connected with motherhood, children, their health and destiny. To get to the dolmens need to go down the path, following the signs. In contrast to the Torah it is much more squat, located in a valley in the forest undergrowth. Energy Tenderness surprisingly much softer, it envelops, lulls and soothes, and wraps with love and tenderness. You just stick to this place, then plunged, then rising to the waves of peace and security. This little unnoticed located dolmen has truly enormous inner strength.

Then we went to the dolmens love “Maya”. This is the only economy in the dolmen which was vandalized, his rear plate was completely destroyed. I tried to attune with dolmens, but felt that in me as if the hole was formed, through which all power went out, and I felt nothing. We struck up a conversation with my mother that people do not understand the essence of love, everybody wants to love them, not wanting to give anything in return, want to own the object of love and love itself, not to mention a love for all living creatures on the planet and to itself planet. I stood, leaning on the dolmen, feeling how the body ran tingling energy currents, spilling over and setting the ocean of light and heat. My mother noticed that she too went feelings, I realized that this is not imagination, and the dolmen really responded to the opening of consciousness of cherishing creative power of love. I suddenly realized why this dolmen was destroyed. In a world ruled by anger, possessiveness, materialism and greed, love crashes down to passion, turning all the destructive hatred.

The final dolmen was Khan who grants energy assistance for health promotion and development of individuality, which was a couple of dolmens love Maya, with its nearby. Round hole, which was the entrance, and part of the side walls of the ruined dolmens. He is like the younger brother of the Torah purifies the mind, giving stability and strength of spirit.

Surprisingly, it turned out that our tour of the dolmens of the farm was in a circle in a clockwise direction, which we wanted to finish saying goodbye to the master of the territory of Thor. Near the dolmens of success, I felt an irresistible desire to enter into, as if he had invited, in response to my intentions. Inside fluttered my fears, mixing concentrate and immerse themselves into. I had thought that nothing is felt, not being able to take advantage of the invitation, but as soon climb out, the feeling was that I drank a glass of wine. With a slight dizziness and reeling gait, I went to my mother, who noticed that I looked like a drunk.

In short, the journey turned out, on the one hand, light and entertaining, on the other – deep enough and filling power. Kisan farm “Dolmen” in this sense is universal, suitable both for people who are not familiar with the dolmens at all, because the territory itself quite nicely groomed, providing a kind of park, and for lovers of the mysterious ancient structures.

Dolmen River Jean

Completely different type of architecture is a dolmen, located on the river Janet in the village early Renaissance. They resemble dilapidated temple built of ancient Druids, round, collected from the well-polished stones.

Pointers to the dolmens there, right at the entrance to the village to turn right before the first store. If you get stuck, any local resident will tell, as dolmens are the main attraction of these places.

Despite the fact that these dolmens are wild, the area around them fenced, and visitors are encouraged to pay for the opportunity to see them. Standard price – 100 rubles Adults, 50 – children .

It is also possible to park, as a paid ( regardless of the time) and just park at the entrance. However, if you arrive in the morning, a sign of a paid parking lot will take money from you, even discharged kvitok, assuring that the public and guarded parking lot, at dinner, when you want to touch the mystery of dolmens become more a sign for some reason removed, “protection” evaporates, and the machine put already free. As they say, local people earn as they can.

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