Mirror worlds in the universe

30 Nov

The material” Strange guests through the mirror “of the miracles that we conventional mirrors, caused a surge of readership. Connoisseurs of “magic glasses” have significantly expanded themes, expanding its amazing stories. He referred to at the half-forgotten our ancient evidence of fairy-mythological subjects. In them as mirrors, or rather, the borderland between the real physical world and the otherworldly, invisible, mystical act water, fog (Mirage), and even

stone. Pavel Petrovich Bazhova, for example, underground stone mirror sensitive to the actions of people – spits on imagines himself the master of the mountain breeder …

Magic, but really dangerous edge, remind readers, is a mirror surface water. Crone-veduni spy out in it (poured into a pot or a crystal vase-ball), human destiny, future events … My sister Alyonushka for water face “dead”, but under the influence of big love back to life. Water in general is often the “second bottoms” of our existence, often life-giving.

Invisible Worlds

Over the edge of our perception lie, it turns out, invisible and mysterious worlds. Multiform of complicated micro peeped through electron microscopes, to the gigantic universe, visible only in space telescopes. There, beyond what they had seen (in either direction), there is one – yet that is not subject to devices and apparatus Region mysterious radiation. Country subtle eye shadows, sounds, ghosts.
And for those areas, areas of hiding another world through the mirror – parallel, alien. In its essence, a stranger from nowhere, with the departing nowhere, disappearing from the family, the collective people. A little-known tunnels, crossings, gate transitions. Subordination, visible mainly to people with the highest sensitivity, intuition, perception of thin … One of those mysterious passages in parallel jurisdiction are those koi are hidden in the depths of ordinary items, available now in every home, every man, almost, man. Large and small mirrors. In encrusted salaries, reposition the frame or the cover-miniature notebook. Round, oblong, square, and even ugolchatyh. At every taste, in a word. And any of them, his obstinacy, his “opinion” on the host or guest.

Dangerous Power

Several years ago in our region was a whole epidemic of strange deaths. For no apparent reason, young people ill disastrous depression, were heated and grass. They died from what is not clear. On the other attacked trudnoopredelyaemye every ailment. Others fall into the hands of rapists and murderers.
The first sounded the alarm when the old quack, is diagnosed in patients who applied to them the same cause of unhappiness. People found on the back of their mirror attached there by their own photos: stabbed repeatedly with needles, slashed crosswise edge. There have been cases of use for the “damage” crosses and memorials on the graves. Obviously “art” masters of black magic.
Unsuspecting people are accustomed to looking in their mirrors and … got the energy shock. Or, “attached a” his fate all kinds of trouble.
– Because, – lecture experts mysticism, and now some of the advanced physicists – to buy the old mirror – not for good. They bring into the house of someone else’s misfortune. This was confirmed by research conducted by one of New York institutions. For fifteen years, experts have studied with Hypo detector mirror effect on the human body. It turns out that people who spend much time in front of him, after a while develops fatigue, worsening memory. Experimenters have shown that the mirror, acting as energy “vampires”, are able to accumulate the energy of man. And the one who often looks at him, rapidly aging!
However, the old mirror can be cleaned from negative energy. Wash it holy or spring water, and then rubbed with glass lighted candle.

Almost a million years ago

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Cultural Studies at Moscow State University of Management Valery Chudinov claims that the ancient (Italy, Tuscany) mirrors the two-, three thousand years ago is an inscription in Slavonic (Etruscan) language. Moreover, more and (usually on the reverse side), domestic scenes, political cartoons, portraits of famous figures (Marco Polo, for example).
Hence, already in ancient times our ancestors used them as magic items. In flowery frame mirrors, pictures and portraits of heroes (usually in curls) fit the inscription-wishes, signs, warnings, threats. Surprisingly, among them are often found familiar names to us like: “Bring on the circle in Russia Kohanim” or “Etruziya” – “Moscow” (side by side, curled in a beauty).
For our ancestors, he believed, graffiti on the mirror is a magical act. Appeal addressed to the priests of the gods to manifest his mercy to the owner of the product. In ancient finds discovered inscriptions, runes. (So-called sacred syllabic letter appealing for action. Baptist Cyrillic.)
Found quite a lot of mirrors with a reference to the ancient Slavonic goddess Mokos, pagan deities of Mata and alive. Communicate with them by means of the runes is dangerous for the layman. In ignorance, he may issue to the will of the menacing forces of nature, nature. This cryptography available only to dedicated people, the priests. But they later admired, enjoyed by many.
The most amazing thing about what the professor says, it sverhveliky age of the “Slavonic” products. As a true physicist, he was in calculating straighten himself. Calculated from them and more than 800 thousand (!) Years ago, opting for a figure of about 230 thousand. Not days, not months, and full-length period.

Nanoiskateli not doze

Another facet zazerkalnyh phenomena prompted reader incognito by sharing with editorial clippings from journals and other major publications. These hypotheses and the actual development of modern scientists who are trying to look into the unknown. Reading the publication of these, you begin to realize that the disappearance of people and objects (and vice versa – the appearance of something out of nowhere) can be quite real.
It turns out there is quite possible justification, that around us stretched endless other worlds. For example, a mirror to our own. This certainly says Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergei Blinnikov from the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics. Referring to the study of the Austrian scientist Robert Foote and fellow Russian physicists Igor Kobzareva, Lev Okun, and Isaac Pomeranchuk, he contends that the universe there are mirror twins of elementary particles, invisible to us. They form their own, very real (to them!) Worlds. To which the laws of nature are the same as that for us. Hence, there substance can also be collected in atoms and molecules. Create the most complex compounds, up to the planets, stars and entire universes. Existing in the same space that we do. But the intangible, invisible to us.
Other researchers have called the other anti-universes. About a year ago, they began to speak, Academician, Director of the Astro-Space Center Physical Institute of RAS Nikolai Kardashev – discoverer of pulsars. In his opinion (hypothesis), a person knows (explores, uses) is only about five percent of the world of matter-space. Togo, representing the Earth, sun, stars, planets, interstellar gas, cosmic dust, and various radiation. And the rest – is beyond our perception. At
70 percent neulavlivaemyh us invisible – so-called dark energy. And 20 percent – Dark Matter. The task of scientists is “groping”, the study of them. Search moves to him, the spatial “tunnels” the transition from them to us and vice versa … The scientist does not exclude that in nature there formed their parallel worlds to us, universes. Tom is indirect confirmation.
… Recently in the press flashed a message that some self-taught inventor created the unit, which provides five times more energy than it consumes. Can an amateur again ahead of scientists, including nanotechnology experts, get to the building blocks of atoms that constitute the foundation of the world? There would be a sensation when he starts to draw from the well-known only to him “tunnel” free energy, and even meet guests from nowhere!

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