Lord of the Rings. In three parts

30 Nov

We often say: “He made a notable contribution to the literature of a certain age.” John Ronald Reuel Tolkien – in itself this era. About his life and work written by a library, many of these books have been translated and in – especially in recent years, after the triumph of Peter Jackson’s film trilogy. In our country the mass enthusiasm for creativity Dzh.R.R.T. began with the first complete edition of the Guardians “, published by” Rainbow “in 1988. However, this did not stop to become a legend and major omnibus, prepared in 1991, published by North-West. Very fat, very uncomfortable to read that … But full! Even with the application in a separate pamphlet. And how many people under the influence of this book went to Tolkinisty! Those processes, which in the West have evolved over decades, we have taken place explosively: in mid-1980’s role-based movement does not exist at all, and by mid-1990 already has developed an entire subculture with a mass of followers … It would be interesting to conduct a study in which the development of various non-formal youth movements in would be tied to the history of literature – from Herzen to Tolkien. What is not a topic for the dissertation of a historian or culturologist? ..

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