In far-off worlds

30 Nov

This, of course, clean water vkusovschina, but for me, Robert Silverberg is still primarily a wonderful storyteller, and only then – the middling novelist. And the blame for this collection of “On far-off worlds,” one of the latest books Mirovska “series” Foreign Fiction “. Well, in fact: is it possible to compare the trenchant, witty stories Silverberg with dreary, shamelessly protracted (and to the same disgusting translated) “Madzhipurskimi Chronicle, or any, God forgive me,” Abyss “? There are, of course, exceptions, “The Book of Skulls” for example. But they are exceptions, as we know, only prove the rule. Stories from this collection is written in the classical traditions of Anglo-American NF: energetic complication, philosophical perspective, the sudden shock isolation – like all the best masters of the Golden Age. Exemplary science fiction “small form”, that native story-tellers who need to learn. By God, I wish stories Silverberg long ago not reprinted. In my opinion, it was more meaningful than others replicate his novels.

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